Another great community effort, meet ownCloud 4.5

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 11. October 2012

Well – we did it, another ownCloud hit the world today, and maybe I can return to a semi-normal sleep pattern once again ( :

What’s new and special about 4.5? Well to start, we did a lot of bug fixing, made things much more stable, fixed some interfaces and generally got things working the way we thought they should. Ok, that’s the boring, but very necessary stuff.

Some things to play with in 4.5:

  • Mounting of external storage: You can now mount external cloud storage (Dropbox, Google, Swift, S3, etc.), the first ever file sync and share capability across multiple cloud services, using ownCloud as the single point of access. Check out what said
  • File versioning: Uploading a file with the same file name in the web interface will now generate a new version of the file and display the uploaded file as the newest version, further improving collaboration capabilities on non-connected ownCloud devices.
  • Syncing of shared address books: Shared address books can now be synced to other devices.
  • Impress presentation player: With the impress application plug-in – inspired by – upload impress.js files to ownCloud and view presentations in a dynamic, fun and interactive manner.

You can stream videos too.

Anyway, a BIG thanks – AGAIN – to the best community in open source, hope to see many of you next month at our developer meetings.

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