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ownCloud offers benefits to those industries dealing with sensitive data or need to fulfill special security and compliance regulation. These industries include finance, education and research, healthcare, and the government and public sector.

Government and Public Sector

ownCloud is a popular solution for government agencies and departments to use for file access applications. It combines the speed and ease-of-use found in consumer-grade file sharing applications with the security, governance and control of an on-premises solution.


secure cloud storage for public sector
engineering and manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing

Industry 4.0, new data protection laws, a mobile workforce, and external global partners require a new Cloud security strategy.
The Engineering and Manufacturing sector is amongst the most traditional industries in the world, simultaneously it is facing the biggest IT changes in today’s economy.

Lawyers & Legal Firms

Time management is critical for every attorney, lawyer and corporate legal staff member. When it comes to daily communication with clients it must be easy, flexible and highly secure. External file-sharing and managing documents is a critical component for success.

lawyers and legal companies

Healthcare and Life Sciences

ownCloud understands the importance of keeping patient information out of the wrong hands while also being HIPAA compliant. So, because ownCloud lives on your server; if your existing infrastructure is HIPAA compliant, ownCloud does not alter this.


ownCloud provides IT administrators in the education sector with the ability to provide their users with the right files in a user-friendly and easy-to-follow solution at enterprise level, equal to using a mobile, desktop, or web-based client.
secure cloud for educational institutions


ownCloud enables staff at automotive OEMs to exchange files of any size and any number with colleagues and external users. Without compromising data security with insecure public cloud providers. For efficient, attributable data access to data across the entire value chain.

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ownCloud Comments


Let users respond directly on files and folders.

ownCloud Outlook Plugin

Outlook Plugin

Let users send emails where attachments are automagically stored in ownCloud. 

ownCloud External Storage

External Storage

Create a single point of access by mounting storage like S3, Dropbox, SharePoint and more.

ownCloud File Lifecycle Management

File Lifecycle

Archive and delete files that are past their due date to ensure data protection.


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