ownCloud 9 Community Edition Now Available

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 8. March 2016


oc 9Today is the release of the long awaited ownCloud 9 Community Edition. ownCloud 9 Community Edition includes significant improvements for users, administrators and developers delivering innovative collaboration features like comments and tags, enabling ultimate scalability with the improved sharing and new external storage API, and allowing full federation with auto-completion of names on remote servers.

Innovative Collaboration — Seamlessly collaborate on files and folders with others. Users can add comments while working on files as well as organize files via tags. They can also keep watch over what happens to files through the activity feed and with pop-up notifications for shared files or calendar invitations.

Ultimate Scalability—ownCloud’s goal is to get users the files they are looking for quickly and smoothly and as larger installations are being deployed, ownCloud has collaborated with large ownCloud users like CERN and X to bring the scalability of ownCloud to a new level. To be able to deliver petabytes of data to hundreds of thousands of users, key areas like the storage and sharing functionality of ownCloud have been improved.

Full Federation— Users can share files or collaborate with others, even if they are not on the same ownCloud server by public share links that can be password protected. If the recipient has an ownCloud of their own, users can share with their Federated Cloud ID and connect ownCloud servers. ownCloud 9 brings federation of ownCloud servers to a new level with better performance, name auto completion between servers and a finalized API.

With the latest release of ownCloud Community Edition, it is only a matter of weeks before ownCloud 9 Enterprise Edition will also be released and available to our customers. Following the enterprise release we will also be hosting a webinar, “What’s New in ownCloud 9,” planned for April 19th. Until then, check out this video of what’s new in ownCloud 9 server.

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