ownCloud is Now Offering a Hybrid Model!

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 20. October 2015

Today we have announced our new hybrid cloud EFSS model, which delivers on-premise security and control. Research shows that that 49 percent of organizations are planning to implement this type of file sharing solution where the control plane is on-premise and the storage is on-premise and/or in the cloud. And did you also know that ownCloud is the first in the industry to deliver said on-premise security and control? What can I say? We’re trend setters here at ownCloud. While there are some hybrid models that offer some file control onsite, ownCloud is the only EFSS vendor that offers this capability for a wide array of cloud storage options.

The other hybrid models that are already available leave the control plane in the public cloud. This is a big no-no as far as we’re concerned because leaving the control plane in the cloud puts user files at risk to hackers and government agencies. But ownCloud’s new hybrid model is the first of its kind to allow IT administrators to manage the control plane, including encryption keys, on-premise. This means that the user experiences the collaboration benefits of cloud-based file sharing with the security, control and integration of an onsite solution. The option for this new deployment model is a part of ownCloud 8.2, the latest version of the company’s flagship EFSS solution which is coming soon.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of ownCloud  Server 8.2, meaning that the Enterprise subscriptions will be available in 4 weeks. While we are completely excited about what the new hybrid model has to offer, we are also excited about a few other key features and updates which you can expect to find in the upcoming release of the Enterprise Edition.

  • Encryption: With the last release we introduced ownCloud Encryption 2.0. With this latest release we have built further upon this model by advancing the most flexible EFSS encryption on the market. It features configurations for encryption algorithms, initiating, migrating and retiring encryption algorithms, choices for key storage locations and more. Users now have more flexibility in their storage and local integration, and it includes a hybrid cloud model from their ownCloud control plane.
  • SSO and LDAP: Now, for the first time, ownCloud users will be able to sign on using SAML-based SSO and LDAP at the same time! This will allow administrators to ensure that group membership information is up to date, while still having the ability to effectively authenticate users. We have also enhanced the SSO user cleanup capabilities, which ensure that when users are removed from the database it will be reflected in all groups. It also offers support for encryption in conjunction with SSO.
  • Trash and Version File Deletion: Many of our customers have strict regulations and retention requirements. This latest release offers those customers the ability to customize trash and retention policies, giving admins more control over storage usage.
  • Share Link Password Policy: Administrators can now set tiered policies regarding public share links. They are able to set password complexity requirements and automated expirations required to meet business and risk requirements.

The new hybrid model and the above features and update are just a few of the many things to come with the upcoming release of ownCloud 8.2 Enterprise Edition. I know that the release is still a few weeks away, but in the meantime, please get a sneak peak of what’s new in the ownCloud 8.2 Server in this new video:

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