The Private Cloud is on the Rise

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 15. November 2016

 451 Research announced a new report stating that they “expects revenue from OpenStack business models to exceed $5bn by 2020 and grow at a 35% CAGR.”

What does this mean for ownCloud? This means that, while many continue to say that on-premises storage options will be a thing of the past in order to make way for the cloud, private clouds are actually on the rise. The press release further goes on to say that “451 Research believes OpenStack’s success going forward will be in the private cloud space and in providing the orchestration for public cloud integration with on-premises and hosted OpenStack environments.”

And while this report solely focused on OpenStack, it just goes to show that ownCloud has been on the right track all these years by offering software to create your own, on-premises cloud. ownCloud also integrates with public clouds, such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, offering a hybrid cloud system and creating an extra level of security to the cloud storages. This report just further proves that when it comes to your company’s data, ownCloud is a great option to keep that sensitive information secure.

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