Email Data Size Limitations Eliminated with Outlook Plug-In

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 23. November 2016

bw-tech_logoToday we announced the release of a new Microsoft Outlook plug-in. This means that you can easily send secure files as well as whole folders. Now, instead of attachments, the plug-in will automatically add the links to corresponding files within ownCloud, without having to change your workflow. The plug-in is fully integrated into Outlook, easy to use, and works with secure SSL encryption.

BW-Tech GmbH developed the Outlook plug-in as an extension to its ownCloud-based file sharing solution epiKshare. But after customization, the plug-in is now available for all ownCloud users.

Outlook is still the default solution for emails, calendars, and tasks at many companies. With the new plug-in, we are opening up a new dimension in secure email-based file sharing for the more than ten million ownCloud users. Many Microsoft Exchange operators have explicitly asked us for an Outlook plug-in. Thanks to our partnership with BW-Tech, we are now able to make one available for the market!

The Outlook plug-in ensures that the link to the files and the password needed for downloading them are automatically sent separately for added security. And to ward off viruses, all the data is checked for malicious software before being sent to the ownCloud server. For those users who often send large amounts of data, this will benefit them greatly, as the data is accessed via a link, meaning there are no size limitations when it comes to sending your data.

The plug-in is now available for both our subscription and community users in German and in English. Be sure to test it out with a 30 day free trial today.

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