Enterprise Appliance for Production- For Linux and Non-Linux Experts

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 25. May 2016

Interested in using ownCloud Enterprise Edition, but don’t know a lot about Linux? Do you have a small IT staff, or are you the IT staff in your spare time? The ownCloud Enterprise Edition Appliance is the answer to your need! The Appliance provides a pre-packaged, easy to deploy ownCloud ready for you in most popular virtual machine formats, including VMware, KVM, Xen and Hyper-V. Why use the appliance? Because it is a single, simple, import and boot virtual machine that can get you up and running on ownCloud in minutes.

Now you can test the full ownCloud Enterprise Edition, in collaboration with Canonical on Ubuntu, as a 30 day appliance and if you’re happy, you can simply purchase the license key and continue where you left off; no further integration or migration. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers about the appliances.

What is the ideal profile for an appliance user?

–          If you are not an ownCloud customer yet, this appliance is available to you as a PoC.

–     The appliance is ideal for SMBs in a virtualized environment looking to securely store and share data from multiple locations.

What is included in the appliance?

–          ownCloud Enterprise Edition with 30-day key which can be seamlessly converted to a full-time enterprise license key

–          Ubuntu LTS 14.04, with Apache, MySQL, PHP and configured for preview or production mode  for ownCloud to function.

Who will support the Enterprise Appliance? Where can I buy a subscription?

–          ownCloud will support the ownCloud software -> ownCloud Enterprise Subscription owncloud.com/contact

–          Canonical will support the LAMP stack -> Ubuntu …. Subscription – purchase here:


What will I still have to do by myself?

–         Import and boot the ownCloud image into the virtualization solution of your choice.

–         You are responsible for maintaining the OS. If you have purchased support for the OS from Canonical, and if you have questions for how to do this, contact Canonical for assistance.

–          When you convert to production use, you will have to update the ownCloud code, and you can contact us for assistance with this update if you have questions, or read the documentation. It is very straightforward, but you might need a hand to get it done quickly.

Is there a maximum user for this Enterprise Appliance? What happens if we exceed this number of users?

–         The max limit is dependent on the resources applied to the VM – storage, memory and CPUs. The appliance scales to 250 users. Depending on the intensity and pattern of use, this could be from 150 up to 400 users. But, in general, this should work for 250 “normal” ownCloud users.

–          Note: Some configurations, such as SAML IDPs, or LDAP or AD instances, may still be needed in order to connect. However, what you largely need will already be installed and ready to operate out of the box.

Be sure to download your 30 day free trial now. All of the enterprise apps can be enabled or disabled as needed, so play around and see just how awesome ownCloud Enterprise Edition is and how well it can work for your organization.

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