How to get started, Part 2: The Web App

Posted by Dirk – 31. March 2020

About this guide: This is the second post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You’ll learn how to use ownCloud right in your browser.

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Congratulations! Your organization is now using ownCloud to sync and share files – and do so much more.

View your files and folders

To get going without additional preparations, ownCloud includes a fully featured Web App that works great in any common and up-to-date browser. To access it, just enter your organizations ownCloud URL in the address bar and hit return. It defaults to a list view of all the files and folders you are authorized to access. From there, you can download files and tag, mark, share or delete them.

Collaborate in real time
If your organization uses one of our enterprise bundles or ownCloud.online, you can open your documents, spreadsheets and presentations right there in a secure office suite right within your browser.

Shortcuts make finding files easier
In the left sidebar below “All files”, you would find the files you previously marked as your Favorites. Below, there are menu items to point you towards files others have shared with you, files you shared with colleagues as well as files you shared by sending out a link respectively. If you choose to organize your files by taxonomy, you can also access your files filtered by your tags via this sidebar.

Next up: Getting started with the Desktop App. Appears on Monday, April 6th.

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