Integration is the sincerest form of flattery

Posted by Snezana Feige – 21. November 2012

One of the "key messages" (as our PR guy calls them, I just call them "important things") is that we integrate well into current IT and even cutting edge IT. Well, there are a whole lot of people and companies out there proving us right every day. Take, for example: Kolab Groupware Zarafa Groupware Wordpress CMS Zimbra Email ClamAV Anti Virus Redmine Projekt Management Roundcube Email PHPBB Forum And more are coming in every day (if you know any not on this list -- please tell us). These are not ownCloud or ownCloud community projects. These are companies and people who have taken it upon themselves to make ownCloud a fundamental part of their business and technology. Talk about flattery. Why do we care? Why should you care? Because the world is a complex place. There are thousands of access devices; content comes in many, many forms; data centers use multiple operating systems, virtualizations tools, not to mentions dozens of tools to manage, secure, track and authenticate data. Do you really want your file synch and share to be an island unto itself? We don't. Open source, open APIs -- that's how we think and develop. So, continue to flatter us, integrate with ownCloud.

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