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Access ownCloud on a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi can be a nice and lightweight workstation. We show you how to seamlessly access ownCloud using WebDAV and the ownCloud Web frontend.
install ownCloud Infinite Scale on a Raspberry Pi

If you plan on using your Raspberry Pi as a productive small workstation, you will soon discover that there is no fitting installation package of the ownCloud Desktop Client. But have no fear, there are good alternatives that allow you to use a Raspberry Pi as an ownCloud Client.

1. Use the ownCloud Web frontend on a Raspberry Pi

For one, you can always use the web interface to access ownCloud on a Raspberry Pi. If your ownCloud server is using the latest ownCloud Server 10.6, you can already benefit from the new ownCloud Web interface originally built for ownCloud Infinite Scale and its improvements to speed, usability and accessibility. Both the classic and the new ownCloud Web frontend support uploading files via drag and drop.

ownCloud Web frontend on a Raspberry Pi

2. Access ownCloud on a Raspberry Pi using WebDAV

To access your files right from within the file manager, you can mount your remote files using the WebDAV protocol. In PCManFM, the built-in file manager that comes with Raspberry Pi OS, to access ownCloud using WebDAV just click on “Go”, then on “Connect to server”. As “type”, select WebDav, and then in the “host” form field enter your server url, starting with davs://[your-ownCloud-Domain]/remote.php/webdav Leave the “path” form field empty.

Access ownCloud using WebDAV on a Raspberry Pi

Select “login as” and then enter your username. Upon clicking “connect”, a dialogue should pop up asking you for your ownCloud user’s password.

So there you have it – even on the most lightweight systems, you can seamlessly use ownCloud to collaborate and share.


February 2, 2021

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