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Branding: Adapt ownCloud Online to your corporate identity!

New branding capabilities mean you can now quickly customize the look an feel of your ownCloud Online
Branding in ownCloud Online

Why branding is important

At ownCloud, we are convinced that software should align with your needs. This is why we embrace open standards and why we love Open Source. For a web-based collaboration platform, aligning with your needs of course also means it should look like it belongs to your organization – in regards to colors, imagery, the necessary legalese, all the way. Now, all this is also easily available in ownCloud Online, our software-as-a-service ownCloud.

A number of tangible advantages

Aligning ownCloud with your corporate identity helps you blend ownCloud in better with your broader IT ecosystem. For staff, it can help strengthen organizational identification and improve platform adoption. For customers and other outside contacts, this helps with building a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

Your organization just feels a lot more distinguished and professional to people when, if they click on the sharing link, they land on a page that looks like a part of your website.

Of course, ownCloud admins can do the necessary adaptations using the comprehensive options in ownCloud Enterprise. With ownCloud Online, our full-service managed ownCloud hosted on secure servers in Germany, the whole point is to empower small to medium businesses that don’t necessarily have their own IT department.

Now, we have made it easy to brand your ownCloud online. We have built a comfortable way for customers to adapt their ownCloud Online to their needs with just a few clicks.

How to purchase these comprehensive customization options

The best part: There is no extra cost involved! Every ownCloud Online instance includes the full capabilities to be branded.

The branding options available for your ownCloud Online include a custom logo, a custom color scheme and a custom background image. Choose a custom URL so the subdomain of your ownCloud Online instance matches your brand.

Also, the login canvas can be customized. Furthermore, specify custom links to legally required documents like imprint and privacy policy.

Overview of the branding options in ownCloud Online

We are proud that ownCloud Online is the B2B as-a-service product to provide this level of brand, messaging and legal consistency! It is normally found only in more complex and time-consuming on-premises deployments. Our competitors either don’t offer capabilities to brand at all or they fall way short of the possibilities we offer with ownCloud Online.

If you want to learn more about ownCloud Online, just visit Did we mention that the branding capabilities for ownCloud Online are included at no additional cost?

About ownCloud Online
ownCloud Online is a full ownCloud just for you and your colleagues. Hosted single-instance in a highly secure datacenter in Germany, it combines all the advantages of an as-a-service offering with the unmatched security and data protection afforded by ownCloud.


November 8, 2021

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