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Coming up soon: The CS3 conference including tech talks about ownCloud Infinite Scale and more!

The Cloud Storage, Synchronization and Sharing conference "CS3" will be held at the end of the month with lots of technical content.
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

Shortly into 2022, we are looking forward to the first conference this year, the CS3 (Cloud Storage Services for Synchronization and Sharing), which is jointly organized by AARNET, CERN, ETH Zurich, SURF and TRUST-IT. The conference will be held at the end of this month from January 24th – January 27th.

For pandemic reasons this conference is taking place in virtual mode, however we are looking forward to the online interaction (in gathertown) as well as the many technical talks regarding CS3 applications ranging from innovative big-data analysis to science outreach and education.

As many of you may know – if you have stayed up to date regarding our current project – we are currently at technical preview stage 1.16.0 and our aim is to make ownCloud Infinite Scale generally available in 2022!

Conferences such as the upcoming CS3 are an excellent opportunity for our engineers to share their insights with the technical community and receive of valuable feedback. By the way, if you would like to test ownCloud Infinite Scale prior to the conference, here’s a quick how-to for installing the tech preview.

There will be seven talks from ownCloud – the majority will revolve around ownCloud Infinite Scale:

Monday, January 24th.: 

14:00: Infinite Scale  – A new era for the ownCloud project by Jörg Eberwein (VP Partner & Alliances) and Patrick Maier (Product Manager)

Tuesday, January 25th.:

11:15: ownCloud Infinite Scale – Identity, Roles and Permissions by David Christofas (Security Engineer)

14:45Quo Vadis CS3 Community? By Klaas Freitag (CTO)

Wednesday, January 26th.:

12:00 Infinite Scale is a design principle by Dr. Jörn Dreyer (Sr. Software Engineer) and Michael Barz (Solutions Architect)

Thursday, January 27th.:

10:35ownCloud Web UI: Lessons learned from implementing accessibility by Tobias Baader (Product Manager UX/UI)

11:30ownCloud WOPI Proxy for O365 by Mark Carioscio (Technical Account Manager)

12:10: integrate applications with the application provider by Willy Kloucek (Devops Engineer)

If you are interested in getting an update on our current projects, then do not hesitate to register for this community conference and make sure to mark your calendar: CS3 2022 – Cloud Storage Synchronization and Sharing (24-28 January 2022): Timetable · Indico (!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Katrin Giza

About the Author

Katrin is very passionate about community. What she likes best about her role as a community manager at ownCloud is connecting people and enabling synergy effects and new projects in the community space. She is a coffee addict, the worst jogger in the world but ok at Tennis and when she is not working, her kids tend to keep her very busy.

Katrin Giza elsewhere:

Katrin Giza

January 14, 2022

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