CS3 conference is featuring ownCloud experts – Meet us in Krakow!

In Krakow, end of January, leading technology innovators meet again for CS3. The event is about Cloud Storage Services for Synchronization and Sharing.
ownCloud CS3 conference

At the CS3 conference, innovative companies and scientists are discussing how they can improve cloud services. ownCloud participates heavily. Seven talks will be about ownCloud: driving the technological improvements in the cloud area. Also some ownCloud employees are giving talks to contribute to the technological progress:

Talks about ownCloud

ownCloud in large scale environments

ownCloud Jörn Friedrich Dreyer

Senior solutions architect Jörn Friedrich Dreyer

Jörn Friedrich Dreyer (ownCloud senior solutions architect since 2012), Thomas Müller (ownCloud chief architect since the beginning) and Patrick Jahns (head of ownCloud quality assurance), three ownCloud experts, will talk about their research into ownCloud scalability. This recently led to enormous performance improvements to the ownCloud LDAP Integration app. ownCloud is running in more and more large-scale environments, e.g. India offers ownCloud to millions of its citizens.

Gregory Vernon – a valued member and contributor of the ownCloud community – already gave a talk about database performance improvement at the last ownCloud conference. At this years CS3 conference he is talking about his experience with taking over a service running ownCloud on virtualized infrastructure (Openstack/CEPH), and how he mastered this complex task. After he took over the responsibility for SWITCHdrive last summer, he managed to adapt to the very complex SWITCHdrive system, and even enhanced it.

They say: “Over the past year we at SWITCH were able to get our SWITCHdrive service to perform much better with improved assistance from ownCloud support. Together we were able to identify the root cause of some database issues and have received a number of patches that have helped our stability. The teamwork between our engineers and ownCloud’s Engineers have allowed us to make remarkable performance changes.”

See the details to his talk here.

ObjectStore integrations

At the ownCloud Conference 2017, Thomas Müller presented the outlook on integrating ObjectStore in ownCloud, and called it “a Love Story“. At the CS3, he is presenting the results!

Ricardo Makino and Rodrigo Azevedo from the Brazilian Education & Research Network (RNP) are talking about another challenge with object store: they are providing cloud storage for different research facilities and universities in Brazil. They encountered some difficulties while using OpenStack Swift as object storage backend for ownCloud. In their talk they will show how they solved their problems in such a large scale environment.

The ownCloud vision

ownCloud Felix Böhm

Felix Böhm

Christian Schmitz (senior director, strategic accounts) and Felix Böhm (ownClouds chief technology officer) have a more visionary talk; they want to outline how ownCloud EFSS will develop beyond just “scale”. After having more experience with large scale environments, the ownCloud developers have reflected on ownCloud’s architecture. They identified how you can modularize it further to a future-proof structure. This helps to fulfill industry standards and meet the professional requirements, even when environments change in the future.

Piotr Mrówczyński (ownCloud database performance specialist) is talking about “Distributed, cross-datacenter replicated relational database and file storage at ownCloud“. When you have multiple datacenters across the globe, you want ownCloud to work in all of them simultaneously. How can you scale ownCloud so it’s everywhere and nowhere at once?

ownCloud Tom Needham

Tom Needham

Patrick Maier (ownCloud product manager) and Tom Needham (ownCloud solutions architect) talk about “Seamless Sharing in the ownCloud Platform“. Some new features in ownCloud will introduce Sharing 3.0 into ownCloud, like share requests and notifications.

Come to Krakow and learn from the experts!

You can see, there are a lot of interesting developments and technological progress on the way. Register for this year’s CS3 conference and find out more about the newest innovations in cloud storage, sync and share technologies!



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January 24, 2018

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