Google Summer of Code: Security and Storage Integration – ownCloud looks back on successful participation

Thank you to our Google Summer of Code Students! They, together with their mentors did a great Job on improving security and the integration of external storages. From the community, for the community: Our GSoC Students help to improve ownCloud as a sustainable platform for secure file, sync and share.
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ownCloud Summer of Code 2017Google’s “Summer of Code” is over and ownCloud takes stock. The file sync and share specialist took part in the international open source scholarship as a mentoring organization for the second time this year and supervised three student projects. All results received the best possible evaluation and a great deal of interest within the community. These projects make an important contribution to the further development of ownCloud.

In addition to ownCloud, 200 other open source projects successfully applied for participation as a mentoring organization. The students then proposed 26 developments for ownCloud, of which Google judged five to be feasible in the end. Three of these were selected by ownCloud and implemented together with the students.


From the community – for the community

Three ambitious projects have been realized, which are supposed to provide more security and improved compatibility for ownCloud users.

Semih Serhat Karakaya from Turkey developed an application that significantly increases data protection by adding further additions. The new features include enhanced brute-force protection, improved two-factor authentication and the implementation of more stringent password regulations.

The goal of Noveen Sachdeva’s project “ownCloud as a backend for web apps” is to support cross-origin API access in ownCloud through OAuth2 verification. In addition, the student from India wrote a JavaScript API client library that makes it easier for developers to communicate with existing ownCloud libraries.

Hemant Mann, also from India, guarantees with his project that Dropbox can be integrated into the ownCloud file structure in the future. Currently, the (now ceased) version 1 of the Dropbox API is still in use. The focus of his work is to replace this version with the new v2 API.

The achievements of the three ownCloud students were rated by their mentors as “good” to “excellent”, which corresponds to the highest levels in the GSoC evaluation process.

All projects have passed the three evaluation phases and have been officially recognized by Google and published as “successful”. This puts them among 1,128 students from 68 countries who have successfully completed the Google Summer of Code.

For those interested in learning more about the Google Summer of Code and the three projects, the ownCloud Conference is the perfect opportunity. From September 20-23, 2017 Semih, Noveen and Hemant will be in Nuremberg at oCCon and will talk about their work and answer the visitors’ questions.

More information about the ownCloud conference:



The students projects in detail on Github


Semih Serhat Karakaya

semih serhat karakaya



Noveen Sachdevas

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Hemant Mann

hemant mann



September 12, 2017

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