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The ownCloud Conference 2021 is over. How was it?

Find out how the ownCloud Conference 2021 went - and (re-)watch the events that spark your interest
ownCloud Conference 2021

That’s it, we held our first fully virtual ownCloud Conference! On September 27th and 28th, 120 attendees joined the ownCloud staff to learn about the latest developments around secure file storage, sync and sharing. Due to the ongoing situation around Covid-19 and the related travel issues, the conference was virtual and we decided to host a rather short conference with one main track and concentrate on the most important topics.

Get the gist on the ownCloud Conference 2021 and (re-)watch the events that spark your interest

We’ve prepared a chronological list of events for the ownCloud Conference 2021, each with a short description and a link to the video recording and the presentation slides, where available.

There are two talks that we would like to highlight. First, Joerg Eberwein and Patrick Maier introduced ownCloud Infinite Scale:

And on Tuesday, Patrick Maier outlined the Roadmap for ownCloud Classic:

To watch the rest of the talks, visit the video library page for the ownCloud Conference 2021.

How we liked it

“I’m very satisfied with the first ownCloud Conference that mainly focused on ownCloud Infinite Scale. Together with early adoptors like CERN, we introduced the current state of the software. The team showed that the Desktop Clients, the Mobile Apps and also ownCloud Web will be used for both ownCloud backends while keeping APIs compatible. Endless opportunities evolve around ownCloud Infinite Scale as not just a file platform, but a platform for the data management of the future that equally ensures digital sovereignty and productivity. ownCloud Classic is the stable base for the content collaboration needs of the present. With our Community Program, we show our dedication to those who like to be involved.”, as ownCloud COO Holger Dyroff summarized.

ownCloud CTO Klaas Freitag is thrilled, too: “This year’s ownCloud conference was, though virtual, a very motivating and enjoyable event. I am very happy about how it went. We presented the ever evolving plan on how Infinite Scale will enter the market. That goes well beyond basic technical topics and involves strategic questions, partner integrations and deployment options. Reports about the first productive installations prove that we are on the right way. Partners and friends showed us their impressive work – and thus their support for ownCloud in general and ownCloud Infinite Scale in particular. I am very proud of what was presented by all the contributors. That really gave me new energy for our journey to Infinite Scale!”

Thank you for attending!

And if you didn’t attend: Have fun watching the talks after the fact!


October 7, 2021

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