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ownCloud Server 10.6 brings new vistas and a bridge to the future

The new ownCloud Server 10.6 is here and brings a number of federation improvements, the new ownCloud Web frontend and a bridge mode with the upcoming ownCloud Infinite Scale.
ownCloud Server 10.6 released

ownCloud Server 10.6 is the release that comes to future-proof ownCloud 10. It enables a bridge mode with the upcoming ownCloud Infinite Scale that was rewritten from the ground up in Go. When used with the newly released OpenID Connect extension, ownCloud Server 10.6 makes connecting an external Identity Provider a breeze, enabling the most sophisticated security configurations you can come up with, right here in ownCloud 10. It supports IdP’s like Keycloak, Ping Federate, ADFS, Azure AD, Kopano Konnect and others. This again ties into ownCloud Infinite Scale, which uses OpenID Connect for authentication exclusively.

New Frontend

ownCloud Server 10.6 also supports the all-new ownCloud Web frontend built with Vue.js. It is way faster than the legacy frontend. Being based on a modern framework, ownCloud Web does a lot of things in a blip without having to reload. It also greatly improves accessibility. And like a good file manager, it transcends into the background so as not to distract users from their actual work. Connecting to the backend only through APIs, it improves scalability and security. There are switchers in the legacy frontend as well as in the new ownCloud Web for users to switch back and forth. ownCloud Web can be installed as a Marketplace App for production systems or as part of the Bridge Mode with the new ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview for green-field testing.

ownCloud Web: The new interface for ownCloud in the web

ownCloud Web: The new interface for ownCloud in the web

Notable Changes in ownCloud Server 10.6

The new ownCloud Server release enhances federation sharing. Federated shares can now also have an expiration date, and admins can define a default as well as enforcement. The file name character limit for federation increases from 64 to 255. The manual file locking feature can now be switched on and off in the administrator settings, too. ownCloud Server 10.6 pack a number of smaller changes and bug fixes, please refer to the Release Notes and the changelog for a full list. The 10.6 server bundle includes the OpenID Connect App, the File Lifecycle Management App and the Graph API App, while it no longer includes the Two-factor-TOTP App. There are many ways to implement Multifactor-Authentication, e.g. through an Identity Provider. The App can still be installed through the Marketplace. Also, the new ownCloud Web App does not come bundled, because it needs some sysadmin work done before it can be activated. It needs to be then manually installed and activated from the Marketplace.


December 16, 2020

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