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Theme your Tech Preview with the new ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.5!

The ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview has come a long way since its initial release in December 2020. Now, we release the sixth Tech Preview, ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.5, which brings major UI and functionality enhancements.
ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview released

Branding for ownCloud Infinite Scale is here!

The ownCloud Web browser interface can now be themed! Customizations are made simply by editing the configuration in a JSON file. Branding and theming capabilities for the browser interface are an important step towards a comprehensive, enterprise-ready customization offering.

See public links at a glance

There also is now a dedicated page in ownCloud Web that shows resources that have been shared as a public link. This enables users to get a swift grasp of which files are publicly available.

Improved accessibility

We have also improved the file list view for more performance and accessibility. We also have improved the ownCloud Web browser interface’s accessibility in a few ways, particularly the focus management, the app switcher, the sidebar and the sharing list.

Quotas and Checksums

While the interface improvements are flashier, ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.5 brings improvements under the hood, too. Storage quotas for users are now enforced. When using the ownCloud Storage Driver, file integrity checking with checksums is now available.

Check out the new ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.5 Tech Preview release and learn more about installing it.


April 23, 2021

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