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Usually it's none of our business what's going on in the heads of our users - Pierpaolo explicitly told us though. And we liked what he said!
ownCloud success story
ownCloud Pierpaolo Fantuzzi

Pierpaolo Fantuzzi

He is working for EasyApp srl and TMP (Tecnico Mac Padova). EasyApp srl is responsible for developing web applications, TMP provides several assistance services.


What is your background and in which context do you use ownCloud?

Three years ago I had the need to find a stable, scalable, fast cloud system that could work with different operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows) and has a simple and fast web access and user management interface. Luck wanted me to find ownCloud, which I see as a fantastic product.

After learning the basic features and understand the code, I began to customize it with the most suitable web applications for our business. ownCloud has integrated perfectly with the existing services of sharing documents, mail and shared calendars. We use it for all of our everyday activities and since we implemented it, it has never made any problems.

It’s a stable and secure solution, a different way to share our data and keep it confidential and under our control. We use it to manage shared calendars, address book, appointments, reminders, webmail, for creating documents, all available on desktop and mobile platforms.

The possibility of sharing anything through standards was a quantum leap and a fantastic thing. This allowed us to no longer be tied to a specific manufacturer or supplier. ownCloud is pure freedom made from code with a high level of personalization.


ownCloud is pure freedom made from code with a high level of personalization.Pierpaolo Fantuzzi


Why did you choose a privately hosted EFSS solution?

We use various cloud systems of the most known manufacturers, but ownCloud allows us to customize the system in a simple way and down to the smallest detail. We can integrate it with any device and are in control at any time.

In case of special needs, there is a web app that you can install in ownCloud making it immediately available to all, or only to several selected users. We have integrated our web management system (developed internally) into the ownCloud platform.

The ability to control data in total autonomy and to be able to decide the level of security, has given us a freedom that is priceless. The solution has been implemented for two years now, and meanwhile it evolved to be of an integral part of our IT infrastructure.


What made you choose ownCloud over other cloud solutions?

After a few months of testing, the ownCloud system proved to be reliable, stable and secure in data management. It delivers a high degree of versatility and flexibility, which I have not found in any other cloud system currently available.

The ability to change the code, to install only necessary web apps and simple user management made it the ideal candidate.

Its philosophy of openness is unique in the ability to interact with other proprietary cloud systems, becoming the control center of all the activities of a company. We are very happy with this choice and the work that the ownCloud development team does. An example is the web mail client. We have chosen RainLoop that integrates perfectly within the ownCloud web interface and communicates perfectly with our Postfix mail servers.


The passion of people in creating a product is found in the beauty, stability of what they achieve. ownCloud is done with passion.Pierpaolo Fantuzzi


Could you solve any special problem with ownCloud?

ownCloud enabled us to use some services which were already implemented on our Unix servers and gave it new life and freedom through it´s beautiful and functional web interface.

The ability to use the CalDav standard to share our calendars independently allows us to realize exactly the features we have in mind.

Now we have the possibility to use all our network services independently from the operating system. This is a level of freedom I never experienced until three years ago. It allowed me to focus on my business knowing I have a solid and secure cloud platform. The ownCloud team has created something exceptional.


What are your experiences with ownCloud?

The aspects that immediately catch the eye are the simplicity and beauty of the web interface, the ability to always find new ways to share a photo or a PDF. Every aspect of the user interface is well maintained and simple to manage.

I use the Calendars and Reminders applications of macOS a lot, ownCloud allows me to share my appointments and notes anywhere in security and speed. One of the aspects that immediately impressed me is stability and reliability. With ownCloud I never lose an appointment, a note, an archived file.


The freedom to move your data in total autonomy is priceless, a personal cloud system that grows together with your needs.Pierpaolo Fantuzzi


Are you using the mobile app/desktop client/web interface?  

I use ownCloud every day on my MacBook, on Linux and on mobile systems (iOS and Android). The web user interface is exceptional on desktop systems, the functions are easy to find and you are immediately at ease in the use of every day. Making simple and beautiful interfaces for the web is not easy.

In general we must think that, except for the gaming apps, our application will have to focus on quick tasks to be performed, to maintain an essential and clear design, working with simple shapes and a well defined color scheme. Remember that icons can be useful, but that designing an interface is not a graphic style exercise. The content and its use are the true goal of a good graphical interface. ownCloud perfectly respects these guidelines.

The mobile application then allows you to keep folders and documents in sync virtually anywhere on any device and in complete freedom. A personal cloud can be a different choice that requires you to be more attentive to your data but leaves you with unprecedented freedom of management. We are very happy with this product.


Do you want to give us a statement about ownCloud which we can quote?

The passion of people in creating a product is found in the beauty, stability of what they achieve. ownCloud is done with passion. I can only say: Use it, put it to the test and it will give you a new and incredible user experience. Do not give up on the first difficulty in using it but learn how to get the best out of this product.

The freedom to move your data in total autonomy is priceless, a personal cloud system that grows together with your needs. There is always a web app to install that solves a problem. This is ownCloud, a different philosophy of using the web, forget everything else. The future is the web, the future is ownCloud.


Thanks for your answers and have a good day!



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March 15, 2018

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