Sneak Peak: Who Is Going to Speak at the ownCloud Conference?

The Conference will take place in Nuremberg during September 17-20. The whole community gathers to exchange knowledge about ownCloud’s most recent developments and how to get the best out of it. Come and listen!
ownCloud conference 2019

There are already many announced talks in the schedule. Some of them are short and give a quick overview on a topic, some dive into technical depths. And there are even some hands-on workshops where you can directly apply the knowledge.

All the latest technological progress is covered, as ownCloud engineers are eager to share what they are working on. On the other hand, there are also many other topics from the community about what is going on in the ownCloud ecosystem.

The call for speakers is still open, so if you want to share your experience with the rest of the community, great! Of course, every contribution is welcome. But first, spotlight for some of the main topics:

ownCloud Infinite Scale: Architecture and Achieved Milestones – Dr. Jörn Friedrich Dreyer & Felix Böhm

If you follow the news closely, you probably heard about ownCloud Infinite Scale – the effort to rewrite the ownCloud Server in Go. The focus lies on unlimited scalability for users, files, shares, and metadata.

It is one of the main topics of the Conference. The talk by Jörn and Felix is specifically about the architecture and how far the project is, but there will also be a high level overview talk, and a barcamp-style hackday to play with the concepts and dive into the topics.

Keynote: Why People Contribute to Open Source Projects – Franka Ellen Wittek

Against all odds, Franka did not become a taxi driver after her studies of philosophy and sociology. Instead she has dedicated herself to digital communities and explores how new forms of society manifest themselves through digitalization.

She is managing director of the Coworking Space in Nuremberg and Head of Strategy at UCS, a Nuremberg based digital strategy consultancy.

ownCloud conference speakers franka ellen wittek
Franka Ellen Wittek, Head of Strategy at UCS.

Ask her about her call for open platforms and ecosystems in an accessible digital society, how physical fixpoints for digital nomadism can be established or why Franka is firmly convinced that even in digital communities, real life encounters are here to stay.

ownCloud at the Landeshauptstadt München – Roland Werner

Roland Werner will talk about how the city of Munich uses ownCloud to organize the secure exchange of files with external partners.

ownCloud conference speakers roland werner
Roland Werner is IT Architect at the city of Munich.

Easy 2FA With privacyIDEA Push Token – Cornelius Kölbel

privacyIDEA is an Enterprise 2-Factor Authentication system. It comes with a new Push token which makes 2FA as easy as reading a notification on your smartphone.

ownCloud Cornelius Kölbel privacyIDEA
Cornelius Kölbel, managing director of Netknights GmbH and developer of privacyIDEA.

Cornelius Kölbel from Netknights will show how to use it, and how the Push Token mechanism can be combined with any other two factor authentication mechanism in privacyIDEA like HOTPTOTP, Yubikey, Email, SMS… and all of this integrates smoothly with ownCloud!

Agile Leadership Workshop – Florian Dahl

owncloud is a good example of a democratic, open platform that is growing with its network of collaborators. Agile values are the base of growth – together as a team.

Starting with the basics of leadership theories of the last decades, you will learn about the agile way of everyone being a leader. Everyone can and has to be a leader, in order to support the maturity of a team.

Florian Dahl, Agile Coach at Interface AG.
Florian Dahl, Agile Coach at Interface AG.

Small, spontanous teams work together in this interactive workshop to find out more about themselves. Agile coach and scrum master Florian Dahl trains and facilitates the groups to achieve satisfying results.

Workshop: ownCloud Best Admin Practices – Cornelius Wachinger

ownCloud is very complex and offers many options for different environments. It can help to get an overview of the best practices and the ideal way to deploy and manage ownCloud.

Cornelius in conversation with two others at the last conference.
Cornelius is responsible for training ownCloud admins.

Cornelius brings years of experience with ownCloud administration from his role in consulting and training. This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to know what they did wrong during their first ownCloud setup.

Status of the Phoenix Project – Lukáš Hirt

Phoenix is the new frontend for ownCloud, currently in development – it promises a new approach on user experience, faster performance, and easier maintenance.

Lukáš is working on Phoenix as a Frontend Engineer. In the last weeks, he and the Phoenix team worked hard to push out the first Beta version before the conference. With his talk, he wants to show how far the project currently is and how you can try it out.

Join Us at the Conference!

Interested? Come to Nuremberg from the 17th to 20th September and join us for knowledge exchange, sessions of hacking around, and not to forget – the party on thursday night! Register for the conference:

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September 4, 2019

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