Third Major Distro Embraces ownCloud

Frank about adding ownCloud to Fedora 18
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

Hope you saw the news this morning:
“The (Fedora) Engineering Steering Committee has also signed off … a plan to add the client and server software for the ownCloud cloud platform; this allows users to host and access files and personal data, such as addresses and calendar entries, from a range of devices.”

First SUSE, then Ubuntu, and now Fedora. How’s that for taking the open source world by storm?

What this means of course is that users of those distributions will have an super easy way to securely sync and share their data. There is no greater feeling than to know what you’ve built is accepted by so wide an audience and by your technical peers as well.
A big thanks to the ownCloud community, now let’s spread the good news!

ownCloud GmbH

July 31, 2012

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