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Markus about beeing hip.
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

It’s official — Businessweek thinks we’re hip.

In all honesty, I’ve been truly humbled by the reaction we’ve gotten from
the community, prospective (and current) partners and customers, analysts,
as well as the press. While I’ve never professed to being hip (although I
suspect my American colleagues think THEY are), it is very exciting to be
leading a “hip” project. But, well, where was ownCloud when I was in high

We have been in serious “fast and furious” mode — adding hip new features,
solidifying the core code and building solid security. As we prepare for
next month’s 2nd commercial launch, we are carefully crafting an
enterprise-ready product that gives IT managers flexibility and choice, and
our partners a tried and true revenue stream.

So let me leave off with a few things the press have said lately about us:

Businessweek: “There’s an awful lot of choice out there for people looking
into file-syncing and -storage services. Folks used to Google’s world will glom onto Drive, while Windows bigots – such as exist – will end up on SkyDrive. Then there are the “cool kids” on Dropbox or Box. But say for a moment that you’re not a “drive” or a “box” type. You’re a cloud hipster, and you need to store and sync files
in an unconventional way. What to do? Well, the hardcore types out there do have options-namely ownCloud and Cubby.”

CMS Wire
“…while ownCloud offers business and enterprise editions with paid support, the basic version is free, leaving much of the profit potential in the hands of third-party developers. But ownCloud is definitely one of the “smart kids”, and the future looks pretty good.”

“The ownCloud project is adding features fast and furiously. The open-source file synchronization and sharing project announced the Milestone 4 release earlier this week, taking ownCloud in an interesting direction for corporate users. Forget Dropbox killer – ownCloud could be something even better, someday.”

Thanks guys, we’ll keep it coming

ownCloud GmbH

June 5, 2012

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