ownCloud 8.1 Enterprise Edition is Around the Corner

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 7. July 2015

Today we are excited to announce the release of ownCloud 8.1 Server.  That means that the release of 8.1 Enterprise Editions is right around the corner; 30 days to be exact.

The release of 8.1 offers great new updates and features, including Encryption 2.0. Encryption 2.0 is a brand new way of approaching encryption that allows customers to manage their own encryption keys in their enterprise key store. It will also allow customers to adopt their desired encryption standard, and even write a server app to meet their unique encryption requirements.  ownCloud is the only enterprise file sync and share company to provide this level of modular encryption, which can be delivered as an app for quick and easy integration into customers’ existing infrastructure.

Imagine you are an IT organization using industry standard AES-256 cryptography. Let’s say that regulations or requirements which you have to comply with change and you have to move to a newer algorithm and keyset. Now, with ownCloud’s modular encryption approach, you can swap out the existing AES 256 encryption for one mandated by the new policy while still enabling seamless access to enterprise-class file sharing and collaboration for all of your end-users. By comparison, the majority of your competitors has to wait for their cloud vendor to upgrade or change to a new algorithm, putting them in a non-compliant state for an uncertain period of time – or requiring additional payment to keep their data protected.

Until the enterprise release be sure to keep checking back for more details on new features and updates. Also, the community is releasing a series of videos that detail what’s new, so be sure to check those out.

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