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by Matthew Richards

posted on Friday, April 27th, 2012

posted in Community

Well, ok, the source code is actually here and the installable .apk here!

We are pleased to provide the source code and .apk for the ownCloud Android App -- optimized for Android devices running 2.3.6 and higher, specifically mobile phones and similar sized devices. The app allows users to manage files on the ownCloud server: browse through the files, upload and download files, videos and photos, and delete files on the server. Users may also create directories on the ownCloud server, and upload new files and photos created on the Android mobile device.

There are a few things you should know about the app before you install so we strongly advise that you read the release notes. This is a GPL licensed app with a contributor agreement, and we encourage community participation – everything from comments and bug reports, to bug fixes and new features are welcome. Active support for the Android app is provided via a subscription to ownCloud 2012 Business or Enterprise Edition. A subscription can be purchased at one of our partners or online. Free support forums for the community are available and can be found at http://forum.owncloud.org/.

Where is the iOS app? We are working on enhancements to the iOS app as we speak, and plan on posting it to the AppStore in 4-6 weeks, Apple permitting. We also plan to post the Android App to Google Play in 4-6 weeks, to coincide with the next release of the Android App. See the release notes for more info on this subject.

We hope you find this version of ownCloud 2012 for Android useful, providing you with the file capabilities that you would want on your Android device.

96 Comments on this post:

  1. Already installed and tested, cool stuff! 🙂

    Keep it coming!

  2. Jeremy

    Very excited about this app, but it appears to not support self signed SSL certs or non-standard ports. These are both needs I have for running a server out of my home (ISP blocks inbound ports 80/443). I did test over port 80 locally and had no issues. Otherwise, the app looks and works great so far!

    Any plans for adding support for custom port and accepting all certs?

    • Holger

      self singed SSL certs should already work, after they are approved. Thanks for your feedback in regards of the ability to select your own port.

  3. marc

    really a nice app. just installed and connected to our server. works fine 🙂

  4. venky80

    Is there a free service which lets me test owncloud for free?

    • Holger

      demo.owncloud.org provides a test instance and you can also select one of our service providers who do offer evaluations

  5. Daniel

    The app crashes for me the second i run it.

    Xperia Mini Pro (rooted Stock firmware)
    Android 2.3.4

    • Holger

      Thanks for your feedback. We get generally very good reports across all Samsung and LG devices. Need a broad range of hardware testing feedback!

  6. Clint

    I’ve tried it on an Asus Transformer running Android 4.0.3 and a Samsung Galaxy running Android 2.3.3 and both only come up with “Complete action using” menu when Downloading. Unfortunately, the menu is not a complete list of apps available on the tablet, but an obscure list of features (for instance, “Add Connection”, “Advanced Search”, “App Mgr”, “Application Manager Preferences”…), non of which actually open the file.

    I’ve tried this with several file types, including .mp3, .doc and .docx files which all can be opened on my Android devices.

  7. Nermal

    Works great on my Nexus S running ICS 4.0.4 – also works on my Motorola Xoom 2 tablet running 3.2.2 but forces screen rotation to portrait and doesn’t scale the buttons correctly for the screen size.

    Great start though – looking forward to future releases!

  8. Nermal

    Would also be great to add a hook into the android ‘share’ function so you can just do share -> owncloud (on a photo for example) 🙂

  9. Same issue with a self-signed certificate: when put my credentials, the app tell me “Please enter valid details”.
    If i switch my server on a no-certificate virtual host, it’s works….
    So, i can’t use the app for now, because i can’t leave a such websites (with personnal informations) without SSL…

  10. edit: tested on gingerbread (MIUI) and ics (AOKP) on a Samsung Galaxy S…

  11. Francis

    Mmm not working on my Nexus One (Android 2.3.3), but this work with my eeepad transformer (Android 4.0.3). Any idea?

    • Holger

      Thanks for your feedback! We got several comments on self-signed certificates and are investigating the issues. You might be contacted by our product team!

  12. asf

    Are you planning to introduce a calendar widget? or any calendar functions in your app?

    • Holger

      ownCloud, Inc. is focusing on file sync and share for the time beeing. We think people are using Groupware solutions for calendar. The community might come up with it at some point of time …

  13. othersimon

    Maybe for corporate users this is true, put for personal uses it would be great to have calendar and contacts sync built into the app.

    My main reason for using ownCloud is for calendar and contacts sync – I have an Android phone but don’t want to provide all of my personal information to Google and I am sure there are many people who feel the same way as I do. Until the last couple of months when I have been using ownCloud I have not found a solution that works well between Android phones, web, and Linux or Windows computers.

    Currently I am using third party Caldav/Carddav apps (the ones from dmfs.org) and they work perfectly for me so I suppose it’s not really a big deal. But it would be nice to not need to create three seperate accounts (one each for CardDAV, CalDAV and file sync) and I think would make ownCloud a bit easier for people who don’t want to have to mess around setting things up, using three apps when it could just be one.

    If you work for ownCloud Inc I can understand it might not be your top priority but I think it is something that should eventually be integrated. Would be one more advantage over a service like Dropbox which is only about sharing files…

  14. fluke

    Seconded. It would be most awesome if I can ditch Google for syncing the really vital data (contacts and appointments) in favor of *my machine*

  15. thornbux

    I can confirm that self signed SSL certificates does not work.Tested on a Samsung Galaxy Tab with custom Android 4.0.4 installed.

    • Holger

      The SSL issues are on the bug fixing list, thanks. Not yet clear when its happening, but the team is working on it.

  16. I have a problem with the app: I can upload any file of my phone to my OwnCloud, it appears but the size is 0kb and it dosn’t works.
    I have been testing with jpg, png, zip and other files, and always the same.
    Any idea to do?
    Thanks a lot.

    My phone: HTC Desire Android 2.3.5
    My OwnCloud:
    Environment: Home Server – Opensuse 12.1
    Server: Apache
    Database: Mysql 5.5.16
    Client: owncloud 3.0.3
    OC-Version: 3.0.2
    PHP-Version: 5.3.8

  17. Jay

    I would say that calendar and contacts sync would be WAY more important than files sync on the Android app for me. In fact, I would say that files sync is close to almost zero importance for syncing on my phone.

    Please consider re-prioritizing and adding calendar and contacts sync to this app soon.

  18. Jay

    I know this’ll be a low-prio comment, but please make the Android app’s GUI look and feel be Android-like and not iPhone-like.

    E.g., to get to settings it shouldn’t be a button at the top/right of the screen, it should be Menu button >> Settings.

    Settings shouldn’t have rounded white boxes on a blue/grey background, they should have white text on a black background separated by horizontal lines. Their on/off settings shouldn’t be a slider, but rather a checkbox.

    While I am here, I’ll suggest that it should be possible to change the owncloud URL, username and password in the settings.

  19. Joe

    I agree with this too, calendar and contacts should be top priority for Android.

  20. renz


    why is it you remove the option to share it in owncloud in android?

    for example, i want to upload a couple of pictures in my owncloud.

    in the older version, i just click “Share” then choose owncloud from the list. no that option is not there.

    also it seems it doesnt want to upload exe files?

    im using htc evo 3d rooted android 4.0.3

    • Holger

      For a variety of reasons the Android App is actually a new code base, so nothing has been removed. You can upload a file. “share” has a different meaning and will come sometime in the far future, today that is restricted to the web client.

  21. Nice app.. installed and works well… 🙂

  22. Hy, first, thx for this app.

    I think that contacts and calendar should be top priority for Android.

    Waiting for the final app!!


  23. Manuel García

    There are 2 Owncloud apps. This one seems more mature than the other, but the other seems more “official”: http://owncloud.org/support/android/

    Are we, again, in front of a new “schism” in the OSS world? Are we going to have two different apps for doing the same thing, each of them with its advantages and defects, but none of them being really complete and well-functioning? Couldn’t developers unite efforts and work on an ONLY solid, feature rich and FULLY WORKING application?


  24. EntireNet

    The App runs fine on rooted Gingerbread Motorola Defy (MIUI ROM). But the App immediately starts to sync files which is not enabled in the andoid account sync settings. Sync of all files is not wanted by me, cause i got tons of files in my owncloud and there is not even enough space on my adroid device for even 10% of all my files….

    So how to disable sync of the files?

    In my way i use the cloud, i only want to browse through my files with any device and open/download only the files i want.

    • Holger

      It seems you are not using the App linked in this article, do you? In that case the user experience might be what you describe. There is quite some work going into the Android App right now, but we do recommend the Apps we do point out for the best existing experience.

  25. bill


    xperia sola rooted 2.3.7 not working,loading the app but when i’m going to create an account it crashes :s

  26. KingBoydo

    G’Day Everyone,

    The Self-Signed SSL certificate giving the “Please enter valid details” can be fixed by installing the SSL certificate to your Android device.
    I saved the SSL certificate as ssl.cer on my SD card then:
    in Settings -> Security -> Install from SD card -> Select the file

    This fixed it for me on an Acer A500 with ICS & OC 4.0.3a

    Keep up the good work!!
    I ain’t giving my data away to anyone for marketing etc…


  27. Seth

    I’m in agreement with the other commenters that contact and calender sync is WAY more important to me than file sync.

    Please listen to what the users are clamoring for and consider making this the primary focus of the Android application.

    As others have mentioned, the primary attraction of OwnCloud for us is to get our sensitive contact and calendar data OUT of the corporate-gov Skynet data-mining complex.

    Right now we have to rely on a hodgepodge of applications such as CardDAV beta and CalDAV apps on Android in order to provide this functionality.

    Currently the only other viable solution that meets the needs of a self-hosted contact/calendar smartphone sync system is Funambol Android app/Funambol server combo. The a barrier to entry is much higher because the user needs to have sysadmin skills to setup the Funambol server.

  28. One more voice for calendar and contact sync. Actually, how about bookmarks, too?

    I’d wager that few folks are interested in syncing files between their clouds and their phones. Like others who’ve posted here, the idea of Google-for-everything is becoming less and less ideal. I’ve already built my own email server using Postfix+Dovecot+MySQL+Roundcube, and I’m running OwnCloud for calendar and contacts. The CardDAV/CalDAV plugsin for Android work well enough, but there’s so much more that can be done.

    Think about what it is that people really want to have on their mobile devices. Email, calendar, contacts, tasks, bookmarks, notes (lists and stuff, editable of course). Files? No so much.

  29. Hi,

    Somebody still working on the iOS app? Seems to be really late, isn’t it?
    When will it be visible in the iOS Store?

    Kind regards,


    • Holger

      Yes, it is late. We are working on it heavily and are currently targetting the end of July. It is not as easy to show Preview Versions like with Android …

  30. Tested http://owncloud.org/support/android/ on a Samsung Galaxy S ( I9000) rooted and works well. Many limitations but upload and download works perfectly.

    I’m waiting app for android with full features!!!


  31. ged

    I totally agree with othersimon (post May the 9th) about Contacts & Calendars synchronization, for the same reasons: also my main reason to go with ownCloud. There are many ways to synchronize files, not so many with contacts and calendars. These are critical data that you really want synchronized through your different devices / servers…

    Please, re-prioritize.


  32. Rad

    Tested on Galaxy Nexus with JB 4.1.1, works fine (Instant Upload is the most important feature for me).
    Not very clear with my self-signed certificate – android client didn’t ask me to approve it, and now I am not sure how it work – over SSL or not.

    • Holger

      Thanks for testing! You can see it when you create a new account, just enter the server URL and it will tell you if a secure connection is established. Good point on having a way to see this screen again …

  33. Rad

    I see now, that android client using ssl connection – just read logs on a server side.
    For good sleep disabled non-ssl connections to my ownclowd server.

    But still have a little issues – video files from camera not synced, some images came to server corrupted (grey box on image bottom side).

  34. Just to add my voice to those asking for contacts and calendar sync. There already is online file sharing system but yet the only way to sync android pim is via google or a fastidious operation via carddav. I think that feature could interest many companys that don’t want their employees to share informations with google. I read something about IBM and others who had to find workaround…

    • Holger

      Typically enterprise customers will use collaboration systems like MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Open-Xchange, Zarafa, Kolab Systems, etc. to keep contacts and calendering in sync. That is what we see as the limiting factor from a commercial perspective. Doing a complete Groupware implementation is not on our agenda basically …

  35. For all the people requesting contact and calendar synching, there’s already a working solution: Funambol. They offer server software for Windows, Linux and client software for mail software and phones. (My name links to their sourceforge landing page.)

    • Holger

      I do guess that what Funambol offers is not perfect. We will certainly see what we can do in this space, it seems that our community service providers have started with documentation of contacts and calendaring sync.

  36. martins

    I just bought OC client (v1.3.4) from Google Play. It seems that uploading in not working. It just says that Upload failed.

    • Holger

      Usally this will be a SSL or other server side setting error. Please try with the desktop client, if it does not work either, you will need to fix some server settings. Otherwise please write to apps@owncloud.com.

  37. martins

    Thanks for the response. I tried to upload something with desktop (Ubuntu) client and it failed at the step where I have to set sync. targed folder on my server.
    I looked in Settings -> Admin on my owncloud instance (4.0.7), but I didn’t see anything apropriate or SSL releated.
    Interesting that on Android file upload progress bar grows to 100% and then it says “Upload failed”.

    • Holger

      Yes, the upload is done first and then the save. And due to configuration issues that fails. Maybe try with one of the service providers offering free plans to make 100% sure its your server side. Another approach would be the Appliance we provide, which has most of the right settings pre-done. Or try with the community Forum. Sorry.

  38. skn

    @KingBoydo is absolutely correct about the steps to solve the self signed certificate issue. I had a certificate signed by CACert and all I needed was to put their class 1 root cert into the sd card, open a file viewer in the phone, browse to the cert file, click on it and install it.

    Then the access was clean.

  39. debo

    Just to add support to the calls for calender and contacts synching.
    The #1 priority for me!


  40. Hi
    i just landed to your website while i was looking for a solution to liberate my calendar from google. so i think it is MUCH more important to have calendar sync as a feature on your android app.

    thanx any way 😉

  41. Hello guys,

    I’m trying to make ownCloud android client work with a SSL certificate signed by my own CA, which is installed in the phone, but I still get the SSL Initialization failed error. Is it just me?

  42. John Marsden

    I have purchased the app for android. I can upload photos, and videos. When I go to view JPG files you can’t. You have to download them. Videos with MPG also need download instead of direct viewing.

  43. mycloud

    I installed owncloud android app in my galaxy S and galaxy tab. It works fine.
    But big sizes file above 500mb can’t be downloaded. I guess there is the file size limit in the app. Files smaller than 500mb are downloaded sucessfully.

  44. forall


    I installed ownCloud.apk from alefzero.eu/a/master/ownCloud.apk on my LG 4X HD where I have android 4.0.3 but when I want run this apps I have error message “application has stopped unexpectedly”.

  45. Stefano

    I agree with sazary: I’d really like to have calendar sync, as well as contact sync: these feature would definitively drive me to owncloud!

  46. Outshined

    Wouldn’t sweat the calendar/contacts – that’s what standard protocols are for. There are other apps for caldav syncing that work like a champ – if this one syncs files reliably that’s what I need..

  47. Outshined

    There are various apps for caldav syncing that work (am using that now.) Integrates seamlessly with the native calendar.

  48. dinko

    Is there a Search function on Android client?

    • Holger

      Not in the client. That is something you should do in the webclient for now which can be accessed from any Android device if you are online. But good feedback.

  49. Rooster

    OC is exactly what I was looking for. Still discovering features and I bought the android app. Running on my Galaxy Nexus with 4.2.2, when I access a file, in this case a jpeg, the open button is disabled. Have I missed something or is this a bug/unsupported?

  50. Michael

    Does anybody else have an issue where Instant Upload fails after the first photo?

    • Holger

      Please write to apps at owncloud dot com with consistent issues for support. I can personally not confirm this, the upload works perfectly.

  51. mao

    i can.t buy it i use android 4.0 and htc 328d

  52. Skullcrasher

    The 2 things I’m missing are calendar sync and contact sync on my android devices (without any 3rd party tools). The rest works just fine 😛

    Is there planned to implement these functions?

    • Holger

      Thanks for your feedback. We continue to concentrate on file sync and share as a company. There are other tools for CalDAV and CardDAV and we do still hope that eventually Android will just support those, rather then using a non Open Standard Google format by default.

  53. sygys

    When using owncloud incl. fix on my samsung note 2 it will crash everytime i reach the end of the file list. so i scroll down, and as soon as it reaches the bottom it gets inresponsive and after a few seconds crashes back to the home screen saying owncloud stopped working, can this be fixed please? its very annoying and its almost impossible to use the service like it should.

    I could give the url and password on request so you guys can test it out yourself.

  54. Is this the same version currently in the play store (14 march)? If so, how do you get it to sync contacts and things?

    • Holger

      Our Android and iOS Mobile Apps are solely focused on file sync and share, currently. You will need to get a CardDAV and CalDAV app for Android in order to make this work, there are several available.

  55. I experienced a problem while wanting to install the android version:
    I do not have any credit card which may be used with the android Play Store, is there any way to purchase or get the app without the PlayStore or better without any credit card, like in the androidpit App Center?

    Or just a free download and some donations via flattr and/or paypal etc?

  56. Cimm

    I found it on F-Droid app store

  57. twlkyao

    I am now wondering how could I use the source from the github website, I git the code, but there are so many errors in the project. Is there are any guides on how to build an android project, what libs am I missing? Thank you.

  58. Yeah! Superb stuff.
    I just install it and enjoying right now!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing..

  59. First I compiled the OwnCloud source for Android, and when it is running,it crashed,showing the message stopped on SamSung Note II, and few houres later,after I recompiled the source, it is OK,I wonder what’s the matter,I haven’t change anything at all.

  60. Filippo

    Hi there, I have some issues with my hosting and the latest versions of owncloud client (I use ARuba, an italian provider, issues are well know…), the only way to use owncloud at the moment seems to have the client v 1.4.2, so, no problem for the Linux and Windows client but for the andorid one I have bought the app on play (just to support the project) but I still need the 1.4.2 version, does anybody know where I can find it?
    Thank you all!

  61. I experienced a problem while wanting to install the android version:

  62. Our Android and iOS Mobile Apps are solely focused on file sync and share, currently. You will need to get a CardDAV and CalDAV app for Android in order to make this work, there are several available.

  63. oss


    Recently downloaded the android app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and is reporting synchronization issue. When I use browser on the phone it works fine.

    Any suggestions?


  64. sam adams

    Can I specify a custom port in the server URL? I see a post from 2012 indicating this was not supported. I just installed the app and there is a complaint about connecting to the server (Server Instance not found). I can access the server via browser on the phone, so server connectivity seems fine. Thx for the efforts!

  65. thanks , very nice app and it work great

    thanks again

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