Walmart vs Amazon: The Competition is On, But Where’s Your Data?

Posted by Holger Dyroff – 22. June 2017

There are many reasons to run your own Cloud! The latest reason? The Walmart versus Amazon battle that has just commenced—simply put, competition.

According to Barb Darrow’s article Walmart Gears Up Anti-Amazon Stance in Wake of Whole Foods Deal on Fortune, Amazon’s plan to purchase Whole Foods has Walmart up in arms.

“That acquisition takes square aim at Walmart’s bread-and-butter grocery business by giving the online retailer 465 new retail locations—thus a much bigger brick-and-mortar presence.

Now, Walmart is telling some partners and suppliers that their software services should not run on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, according to the Wall Street Journal.” Barb Darrow, Fortune

This latest rift is just another reminder that we all should always want to know where our data is at all times.

While you may be putting your trust in one company, who’s to say that this company’s partners aren’t using a competing company? You don’t want to have that competitor benefit from your business, especially when it comes to your data – which is increasingly becoming the most valuable asset in the business world.  But you need to be prepared for vendors to start asking you to not put their data on their competitors’ public cloud environment. But the trouble is, when you think this through fully, we are almost all in competition with each other over some aspect or another. Therefore, it is essential to not only know where your data is, but to be prepared to move or run your own Cloud service right away. Be prepared start with ownCloud to sync and share your unstructured data right away in a secure and flexible way.

Organizations that must share confidential data internally and externally rely on ownCloud – the open platform for better productivity and security within digital collaboration. It enables users to access data no matter where it is stored or which device is used. Users are able to decide whether certain data will be transferred to whichever cloud they choose, or whether it will remain within the enterprise’s own On-Premises Cloud.

Clearly, considering company partners is new concept, especially for companies for whom spying from their own government was negligible.

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