Zero to ownCloud in Minutes!

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 22. December 2011

How can I try out ownCloud quickly? Was the most asked question since last week.
Here is an exciting report from one of you, which we do want to share in order to make it easiest for everybody:

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out how to backup my home files to a server. My past experiences with a NAS were a real pain with ftp
clients, so this time I thought I would try ownCloud. It was SO FAST and SIMPLE I can’t get over the experience, so I am sharing it. For
context, I am a basic Linux user. I can use the GUI, know some commands, but not a power user. I am new to ownCloud, though have used
Dropbox in the past – I just don’t want all my private files out there in the cloud. I know, sounds luddite.

Here is what I did that got me so excited about this project:

  • Downloaded VMplayer for my laptop, installed it
  • Went to SUSE Studio, downloaded the “ownCloud in a box” VMware image
  • Unzipped the image to a local directory
  • Booted the image in VMplayer
  • Logged in
  • Typed ifconfig to get the IP address of the virtual machine
    (probably an easier way to do this)
  • Logged in through my browser at local_IP/owncloud
  • Uploaded files through the browser
  • Accessed the files from other devices / computers via a browser

This is all a matter of downloading, and it takes NO TIME. A big thumbs up to the team for making this so easy. Even with no documentation, this was a piece of cake.

Thanks for this great feedback!
Your ownCloud Team!

Update, January 30th 2012: The appliance/VMware image has now been updated to ownCloud 3. Thanks Cornelius!

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