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App of the Week: Activity

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 15. September 2017

Welcome to the sixth entry of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. Today we’d like to introduce the ownCloud Activity Application. It provides a comprehensive overview of all file and folder actions in ownCloud and is also able to trigger automatic Email notifications for defined types of file or folder actions.

When working in an ownCloud instance with many other users there is always a lot going on. Files are being uploaded or changed, folders are getting shared with specific users and so on. But how can you possibly keep track of that? Well, luckily for ownCloud there is an application available called ownCloud Activity that helps you with exactly that.

Check out the ownCloud Activity App here.

Once installed, the ownCloud Activity App provides a separate overview page where all relevant file and folder actions are listed in a comprehensive stream. From creation of new files or folders, to file or folder changes, updates, restores from trash bin, sharing activities, comments, tags or downloads from public share links – the ownCloud Activity App tracks all file or folder related actions in one place for the user to review.

But what if you’re not in the web interface, but still want to be up-to-date on file and folder actions? The ownCloud Activity App also comes with an Email Notification functionality that automatically triggers an Email for certain file or folder actions. In the Setting sections of your ownCloud you can decide in detail which actions are being tracked in the Activity stream and also for which actions you’d like to receive Email notifications. These bulk Email notifications can either be sent out hourly, daily or weekly to fit the specific needs of each individual user. For users with lots of activity it is possible to limit the Activity stream to ‘Favorite’ folders in order to avoid noise. Furthermore the application provides filters to give users the means to maintain overview by reducing entries to relevant information.

And there you have it – a complete overview of all file and folder activities in your ownCloud with the additional ability to receive activity notifications via Email in a time interval of your choice. Never again miss an important change or sharing event and always be up-to-date on all activities of your files and folders.

So, are you already using the ownCloud Activity App? As always we’d love to hear your feedback. Stay tuned for next weeks App of the Week Blog!

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