Collabora Online 2.0 is Enterprise Ready

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 7. December 2016

Last month Collabora announced the release of their update to Collabora Online to include collaborative editing. Today they have announced that the update is now available for enterprise that want a powerful office suite in the cloud or on-premises, and that protects their privacy, allowing them to maintain full control of their sensitive corporate data. Collabora Online is also for those hosting and cloud businesses who wish to include document viewing and collaborative editing functionality into their service offering.

We have had a lot of requests in the past for this collaborative editing feature, and are happy that we can finally deliver what the people want! They are now able to benefit from a scalable, secure, open platform with collaboration functions that tremendously increase productivity.

No longer will people need to worry about different versions of the same document. ownCloud Enterprise users are now able access their office documents online, author new content, share their work and collaboratively work on the same document with others, while others can see changes in real time and take over editing.

Find out more about how you can take advantage of this awesome new update with your ownCloud.

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