Contributor Agreement

ownCloud is and will be open source and everyone is invited to contribute to the project. With over 1300 active contributors worldwide ownCloud is one of the biggest PHP open source projects. Join the community today and start hacking!

 We release the ownCloud core and the desktop, iOS and Android clients under a dual license. Because of that we require a signed contributor agreement from developers who want to commit code to them. This only applies to these repositories, not the apps or other parts.

How to sign the agreement via GitHub

You can sign it by opening a pull request to a repository where a CLA is required. The CLA bot will comment that you have not signed the CLA yet. You can then just click on the link in the comment, and are redirected to a page, where you can sign it with one click, being verified by your GitHub account.

Alternatively: sign via mail

If you don’t want to sign it with GitHub, you can also take the PDF, sign it and send it by mail or scan to: 

You can also send it by mail to:

ownCloud GmbH
Rathsbergstraße 17
90411 Nürnberg

We will give you full commit rights as soon as we have received your agreement. If you also want to contribute to the ownCloud iOS app please also send the signed “iOS Addendum” document. See the iOS license exception for testing the ownCloud iOS app on Apple hardware.

A contributor agreement? Does this mean that ownCloud is no longer free software?

No, the contributor agreement guarantees that every community contribution is always released as AGPL (or GPL in the case of the desktop and Android clients and GPLv3 in case of the iOS app). This is not different from the old situation.

The agreement allows the company to offer customers ownCloud under another license, in exchange for money. This thus helps pay the bills for ownCloud contributors.

Does this mean that everybody who wants to contribute to ownCloud has to sign this agreement?

No. The ownCloud core repository is covered by this contributor agreement. ownCloud is build out of a lot of small modules called apps. We don’t require a contributor agreement for the apps, only for the core, the desktop clients and android.

But I want to contribute to ownCloud and can’t or don’t want to sign a contributor agreement. What can I do?

We can accept your core contribution if you release your code under the MIT license. Of course we recommend that you sign the agreement because AGPL/GPL protects the freedom of your work better than MIT. But the choice is yours.

Is there any risk for me when I sign this agreement?

No. We are just protecting us against possible lawsuits regarding contributed code to keep the open source spirit up and running. With signing the agreement you give us the right to use your software patents if you have any and if they apply to your patch. That’s all. Probably not a problem for you because software patents are bad and we all don’t hold any patents anyway.

Why do you require a contributor agreement?

We have set up a company to speed up ownCloud development and pay the bills of ownCloud developers. We thought a lot about the relationship between the company and community and about a solution that is best for both parties.

The company needs to have a business model so that it can sell software, support and services to big companies. Many customers are willing to pay for a non-AGPL version of ownCloud, some would not even use ownCloud without a proprietary license. Aside from the ‘Enterprise Edition’ under a closed license, we of course sell support and other services. The revenue is used to fund development of ownCloud, marketing, services, sponsoring and so on.

The community wants to be sure that all the contributions and all the hard work stays Free Software. That is guaranteed by the AGPL license.

And the community wants to make ownCloud better and more successful. That is where the company helps. ownCloud benefits enormously from the resources that the company invests into it, including coding, marketing and more. The company pays ownCloud coders to write features the customers need and works with the community to make ownCloud a better product. Because the company works in the open and as part of the community, and because the code is released under the AGPL, ownCloud itself continues to be free. Essentially, ownCloud GmbH customers pay for ownCloud contributors writing more AGPL code for ownCloud. So we think that we found a solution here which is good for all parties.

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