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The iOS app enables users to access and share their files and folders safely and comfortably on their iPhones and iPads.

The app supports multiple accounts for users of multiple ownClouds. It integrates nicely with Apple’s files app and can download files and folders for off-line use.

By way of optics, users can switch between system design, light mode, dark mode, and classic design.

The app can be configured to instantly upload photos and videos after they are created using the camera app. 

Images and PDF files can be annotated and marked up right within the App.

For security, the app provides locking functionality using a number passcode or biometric authentication through FaceID or TouchID depending on the device. The app also supports mobile device management (MDM), to limit the server URLs available to connect to.

On the iPad, the app provides a full set of keyboard shortcuts and fully implements support for pointing devices like Bluetooth mouses. There is also split view multitasking support, so files can be dragged and dropped between apps.

Pro features available as in-app purchases and for users of the Enterprise Edition as well as ownCloud.online include: The app lets uses scan documents right into their ownCloud and even sports hooks for Apples automation app Shortcuts. Supported files can be annotated.

With an Enterprise subscription, organizations can opt to have their mobile apps branded.

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