ownCloud Single Sign On with OpenID Connect atop OAuth2

Single Sign-On

Enhance security, reduce attack vulnerability and improve user experience.

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ownCloud employs SAML standard-based authentication. This enables Single Sign-On (SSO) through Shibboleth, ADFS, Ping Identity and more.

Enhance security with a professional and specialized identity management solution that reduces your attack vulnerability surface by establishing a single authentication and authorization entity instead of multiple proprietary ones for each service. Take advantage of integrated features like multi-factor authentication and custom authentication methods.

Improve user experience by seamlessly integrating ownCloud with your Single Sign-On (SSO) environment. Users only need to provide their credentials once, and their session will automatically grant access to all supported services.

Note: Setting up this functionality requires additional configuration of the Apache web server and the extension itself. For detailed information, please refer to the ownCloud Single Sign-On Documentation.

Single Sign-On

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