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cidaas and ownCloud join forces to deliver secure file collaboration at scale

The partnership between cidaas and ownCloud means companies can now swiftly set up file collaboration clouds that rely on software made in Germany, completely independent of US providers.
ownCloud und cidaas neue Technologiepartnerschaft

Many companies face the challenge of successfully digitizing their processes without compromising the security of their data. A new technology partnership between cidaas and ownCloud, two innovative German providers, now opens up an uncomplicated way to build secure and efficient file clouds made in Germany.

The cidaas Identity Platform offers highly secure identity and access management for staff and customers as a flexible, state-of-the-art cloud interface. ownCloud is the leading provider of open source solutions for file collaboration, especially for customers with high security requirements such as ZF, ETH Zurich and the European Commission.

Through the integration of their respective solutions, the partners offer companies a powerful file platform with identity management based on the open standard OpenID Connect, both swiftly deployed and GDPR compliant, completely independent of US providers. While focused on security, the partners also emphasize scalability – both have existing customers with tens of millions of users.

Secure file clouds based on ownCloud Enterprise offer comprehensive business functionality such as classification, file lifecycles, and workflows as well as auditing, virtual data rooms, and ransomware protection. The cidaas Cloud Identity and Access Management allows efficient and secure user authentication via web API. In addition to single sign-on, it also offers comprehensive multifactor authentication and passwordless authentication options.

“With the partnership of cidaas and ownCloud, two innovative German companies are working together that are both leaders in their field. Through this alliance, we are creating great value for enterprise digitization”, says Yael Widmann, Managing Director Widas ID GmbH.

“We are pleased to have found in cidaas an identity management partner that shares our ideas of sovereign cloud solutions. For a swift digitalization of the German and European economy it is important not to become dependent on providers outside Europe. Open standards and European software are exactly the right approach”, says Ingo Schildt, Director Distribution Channel at ownCloud.

About cidaas

cidaas, the European cloud identity and access management system from Widas ID GmbH, delivers an out-of-the-box solution for federated identities, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. With cidaas, companies uniquely verify user identities for highest security across all channels. Based on the standards OAuth2.0, OpenID and its “Everything is an API” architecture, cidaas can be seamlessly integrated into any software landscape and scales effortlessly up to many millions of users. For more information on cidaas, please visit our website at


March 2, 2021

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