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ownCloud Appoints David Walter as CXO

ownCloud, provider of the open source content collaboration platform of the same name, is strengthening its strategic focus on customers and sending a clear signal: With the newly created position of Chief Experience Officer (CXO), the company aims to continuously improve the customer experience and promote consistent communication with all stakeholders.
David Walter CXO

As ownCloud’s first CXO, David Walter is rising to the challenge. His primary responsibilities are to build a team of experts and ensure consistent communication between all stakeholders. The CXO role serves as an important bridge between ownCloud, customers, partners, hosters and integrators. In addition to valuable feedback from the open source community, input from industry and government will be considered.

David Walter is no newcomer to ownCloud. He has been working with and for ownCloud in various roles since 2014: first as a community member, later as a customer, and since 2022 as a project manager. With his background as an open source enthusiast and experienced integration expert, he is ideally suited for his new role. His previous positions as Chief Information Security Officer and project manager in the IT industry underline his expertise.

The introduction of the CXO comes at a time when ownCloud is growing rapidly and continually expanding its product portfolio. Large, internationally distributed projects and complex migrations from proprietary solutions to the open source world require centralized control to ensure smooth implementation. Walter’s involvement will help to bring product development and customer service even closer together.

The initial focus will be on building a cross-functional team focused on improving the customer experience. David Walter‘s vision is to deliver on ownCloud’s promise to provide the greatest value to all stakeholders.

“The increasing use of our products motivates us to involve our customers even more actively in the development process. As CXO, I will always keep the interests of our customers in mind and ensure smooth navigation through our product world,” says David Walter about his new position.


November 14, 2023

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