Virtual File System Now With One Click – Desktop Client Release 2.5.1

This version gives you easy access to your virtual file system! Upgrade now to try it out.

This is a point release which brings you our recent development progress. It contains several minor changes and one very useful usability feature: It brings the Virtual File System to everyone.

Note: The Virtual File System is still an experimental feature. We are pretty confident that it will break nothing, but use at your own risk.

Sync at Your Fingertips With the Virtual File System

Most times, it is useful to sync only parts of your ownCloud – while we store terabytes of data in the cloud, we only have limited storage on our local devices. The most intuitive way of choosing what to sync is the Virtual File System.

It makes it possible to use your file manager and its native functions, e.g. file name search, without having to download the files or searching them in the web interface.

The Virtual File System adds new files as virtual files, with a .owncloud file extension. This means you can see unsynced files in your file browser. If you double-click them, the client automatically downloads and opens them.

With the last version, you had to add a new folder or account to use this. Now, even if you still use the old folder sync connection, you can now add all files you didn’t sync as virtual files.

To enable this, open the settings window. At your account view, click on the 3 dots on the right, and check “create virtual files for new files”. Confirm that you want to enable experimental mode, and it should start creating the virtual files. The old files will stay synced.


ownCloud client enable virtual file system

Enable the Virtual File System on an existing Folder Sync Connection.


Note: If you use linux, you need the ownCloud extension for your file browser. Install either the owncloud-client-caja, owncloud-client-dolphin, owncloud-client-nautilus, or the owncloud-client-nemo package from our OBS repository.

Upgrade Now!

Next to this feature, there are many minor improvements. Please check the Changelog for the details and update your ownCloud Desktop Client today!

The Desktop Client is available for any larger Linux Distribution, Windows, and Mac OS.



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November 12, 2018

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