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Living Roadmap: Join the Conversation

With the Living Roadmap, we invite you to come forward with your valuable opinions, feedback and suggestions regarding ownCloud Infinite Scale features and future plans, to help us further enhance the experience.
Living Roadmap

We are excited to announce The Living Roadmap:  an online overview of our plans for future enhancements and features. Here you can gather insights on our plans, as well as share feedback. At the same time we communicate our plan of action, vision for the future and where and how you can test the demos.

With The Living Roadmap, we strive to offer a single point of reference, increase transparency, improve communication, and last but not the least, welcome you to provide feedback on our upcoming features.


The Living Roadmap displays a transparent overview of ownCloud’s current progress and future plans.

What’s in it for you?

The Living Roadmap features a concise, dynamic and agile overview of the features and enhancements we are working on, the ones we are scheduled to work on very soon and the ones that we hope to give shape to in future. The Roadmap also lists the dates of upcoming releases along with descriptions of each feature or enhancement. This dynamic Roadmap will keep you well-informed about the direction of ownCloud Infinite Scale, while providing valuable insight into what you can expect from us in the coming months.

Moreover, the Living Roadmap was designed with a view to opening up a more efficient channel of communication between us and our community. Our aim is to provide a transparent and clear overview of our current progress and future plans, and offer it as a platform for our users to share their valuable feedback, suggestions and expectations. This would help us to provide you with the best possible experience. We are striving to continue to grow and further improve ownCloud, and we look forward to you joining us in this exciting journey.

Is it written in stone?

Of course not. No static roadmap has ever survived contact with reality. That is in fact exactly why we designed it as a “Living” Roadmap. It is intended primarily as a communication tool to create a feedback loop with everyone interested in our plans for the future. This also means that the Roadmap is highly dynamic and flexible to change based on feedback and circumstances.

In other words: We are stubborn about the vision, but flexible on the details.

Check out the Living Roadmap now.

Tobias Baader

March 24, 2023

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