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ownCloud Infinite Scale: The Groundbreaking Solution for Cloud Computing

ownCloud has long been firmly established as a preferred cloud solution. It marked a paradigm shift in November 2022 with the release of the stable version of ownCloud Infinite Scale, a groundbreaking solution for cloud computing.
ownCloud Infinite Scale


The original article consists of:

  • Details about the shift from PHP to Go as the core technology of ownCloud Infinite Scale
  • An explanation of the many advantages of Go for the end user
  • A guide to install Infinite Scale
  • Detailed information about and a guide to using Infinite Scale features like Groups, Spaces etc. that can revolutionize content collaboration in your enterprise.

Infinite Scale: Modernized in Go from the ground up

Previous ownCloud installations were based on a LAMP environment, that is, with server-centric services under the Linux operating system. However, the combination of database, web server and the programming language PHP quickly reaches its limits in larger installations. In addition, the complexity of administration increases significantly as the number of active users increases.

ownCloud developers have addressed these problems with Infinite Scale and cleaned them up rigorously. They modernized the entire development model and threw almost the entire PHP code, including the server services, overboard. Instead, the futuristic version of ownCloud relies on the one developed by Google Programming Language: Go, plus associated microservices.

Instead of a database and a web server, Infinite Scale uses an architecture with a three-layer model: the bottom layer takes care of data storage, the middle layer provides the core components and the top layer contains the web interface developed with the Vue.js framework.

ownCloud Infinite Scale web interface

The ownCloud Infinite Scale web interface has a minimalistic, user-friendly layout.

Advantages of Go

Programming in Go enables different interactions to be carried out in parallel. This reduces latencies and improves response times. In addition, the use of microservices significantly reduces the maintenance effort. Using OpenID Connect, which ensures secure authentication across multiple instances, users of Infinite Scale can also use different storage locations in a centralized platform. Accordingly, the resource consumption of the entire system decreases. An on-premises solution even works fast enough on the Raspberry Pi.

This ensures enormous scalability.

ownCloud Infinite Scale can be used with local, file system-based media as well as with cloud services such as Amazon’s S3 or CERN EOS. This means that both small and large organizations can use Infinite Scale to their advantage, while the costs for data management are significantly reduced.

Additionally, when it comes to the appearance of the client, ownCloud has left old designs behind and built a new frontend called Phoenix. The optically modernized web client is clear and fits seamlessly into the new overall system. ownCloud 10 is also compatible with it. With distributed data sources integrated into the new architecture of the system, the web interface marks a unified access level for all data. This is true regardless of whether you deploy them cloud or file system based.

If you would like to continue using the existing native client apps on your end devices, you do not have to change; since the new ownCloud variant cooperates with the WebDAVAPI, the native clients continue to access the cloud solution.


ownCloud Infinite Scale is a cloud-native, multi-purpose data platform with a strong focus on performance, scalability, security and governance. Learn more about Infinite Scale and how it can boost productivity, enable efficient collaboration and reduce costs in your enterprise.


April 13, 2023

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