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ownCloud releases tech preview on new, innovative platform

The all-new ownCloud platform, built on microservices and the Go programming language, is now officially available as a tech preview for evaluation and feedback.
New ownCloud interface: ownCloud Web

ownCloud, the open source content collaboration specialist, releases the tech preview for its ownCloud Infinite Scale platform. It underlines ownCloud’s innovative edge by improving drastically on both performance and security. The approach: An all-new architecture built on microservices and the Go programming language. It leverages ten years of experience in creating, refining and supporting the leading open source Content Collaboration platform. ownCloud Infinite Scale makes integration with existing ecosystems much more straightforward and simplifies creating extensions. Harnessing the power of open source, ownCloud releases the tech preview to give developers and admins a glimpse, providing a head start to evaluate the cutting edge ownCloud Infinite Scale and to come forward with ideas for improvements, extensions and integrations.

Second-to-none performance

ownCloud Infinite Scale ditches databases, PHP, and webserver dependencies and comes as a ready-to-run binary. In the microservices architecture, storage providers are also microservices, making them easy to replace and more scalable. Swift handling of huge amounts of data in a geo-distributed and redundant way is provided with the EOS software defined storage. Other storage providers are available for more conventional setups. As a result, the increased performance over traditional PHP-based technology provides significant productivity gains and operational cost savings.

“When we hit general availability, we anticipate a tenfold performance gain. This means significant productivity gains for our customers and, at the same time, cost savings due to lower hardware requirements. Additionally, the new database-less architecture scales geographically much easier and better” says ownCloud CTO Klaas Freitag.

Top-grade security

Thanks to its modular three-tier architecture, ownCloud Infinite Scale reduces attack surface remarkably. The platform is consisting of microservices that communicate securely with each other through open standard interfaces or APIs, authenticated through OpenID Connect. The backend, the storage providers and the new ownCloud Web frontend are microservices, same as the extensions. Microservices might run on different machines and be hidden from public access. Through their separation of tasks fewer data is at risk with any one microservice. As a result, ownCloud Infinite Scale comes with resilience, fault tolerance and improved security.

“Ever-growing amounts of data must be instantly, efficiently and seamlessly accessible for eligible uses, while keeping it safe from illicit access”, explains ownCloud COO Holger Dyroff.

Very easy implementation

Without database, web server dependencies, and scripting language requirements, the ownCloud Infinite Scale binary runs effortlessly on any common operating system. As it authenticates through open standards, major Identity Providers work out of the box with ownCloud Infinite Scale. Open standard interfaces make it easy to integrate ownCloud into existing ecosystems. Developing extensions is less costly, too – as long as they respect the API, developers can pick any programming language and method. As a result, ownCloud Infinite Scale causes less hassle during integration and less costs for maintenance.

“The amount of data we create, use and analyze grows exponentially, as does the number of people involved. But it is not only people, but also sensors and algorithms that produce, access and process that data. With ownCloud Infinite Scale, we take our leading content collaboration solution into a new era and ensure that the technology can cope with ever-increasing demands – and that it works seamlessly both with users and devices”, states ownCloud CEO Tobias Gerlinger.

For more details and installation options, please visit to install and contribute!

The Tech Preview Presentation

Please join us for our presentation of the tech preview release of ownCloud Infinite Scale with our CEO Tobias Gerlinger, our COO Holger Dyroff and our CTO Klaas Freitag on Tuesday, January 26th 2021 at 2pm CET. There will be a compact introduction followed by a live demo and a Q&A session. The intended audience are journalists looking for a live presentation of ownCloud Infinite Scale as well as background information and attributable quotes. Please register here.

ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview released

ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview released


January 19, 2021

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