ownCloud Server 10.0.8 Release

It is our pleasure to announce the release of ownCloud Server 10.0.8, today! 100+ BugFixes, minor tweaks, and a bunch of new Features prove our path to building high-quality Software. ownCloud is the performant, robust and future-proof Open Source file sync and share solution that you trust your files with.
ownCloud 10 server release

Today we take pride in announcing the ownCloud Server 10.0.8 release.
Besides fixing an impressive List of bugs and doing some minor tweaks (100+) we added some awesome features.

UI improvements for public link sharing

We did some UI polishing on the frontend for sharing by mail. As a new feature: You can now easily add your own email address to put you in CC. Now all recipients of the mail and the share are in one place. This comes in handy when somebody forgot that he/she had received a share and you can just point to the mail you had sent via ownCloud, directly in your email client. We put some work into a more user friendly email address input.

We also added a personal note field for the link share by email.  Send a link via mail to multiple recipients and a comment directly. ownCloud-10.0.8-Mail-Notes

Granular password enforcement for public links

With ownCloud 10 the “File Drop” feature has been merged with public link permissions. This kind of public link does not give recipients access to any content, but it gives them the possibility to “drop files”. As a result, it might not always be desirable to enforce password protection for such shares. Given that, passwords for public links can now be enforced based on permissions: read-only, read & write, upload only/File Drop. Please check the administration settings “Sharing” section and configure it as desired.



LDAP sync improvements

As promised before we further improved the LDAP implementation.  When disabling or deleting user accounts in LDAP, the administrator can choose to either delete or disable respective accounts in ownCloud. User accounts that are disabled in ownCloud can now be re-enabled automatically if they come up in LDAP again.

Furthermore, it is now possible to execute a user-sync only for single users and users that are already present in the database and have logged in at least once. This reduces stress on the LDAP Servers heavily, since, for an LDAP sync, there is no need to synchronize the entire LDAP User Database anymore.

Exclude apps from the integrity check

Before the release of ownCloud Server 10.0.8 the Web – UI would show an error message e.g. when you had an app installed and enabled that you are developing on.  It would show a code integrity check error. From now on you can disable the code integrity check for certain apps.

ownCloud Server 10.0.8 as a solid base for notifications

With ownCloud Server 10.0.8, we constructed the foundation for a more flexible and extensible notification manager.

The Notification manager distributes information for the users about shares and activities to various the various clients. With this newly designed notification hub, all notifications can now also trigger mail notifications. Currently, users can decide to receive all notifications via mail, only those that require an action or none (user “General” settings)

In future users will get enhanced options to choose which notifications to receive and in which Client. Users then have the possibility for different settings for their different clients: Web-UI, Desktop-Client, Email, Android, IOS.  This will be the bases to implement features like the ability to accept or decline shares of others and a lot more.


Make sure to benefit of all the improvements and new features! As always before upgrading please check the release notes! And don’t forget to tell us your opinion on this release!



April 27, 2018

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