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by ownCloud GmbH

posted on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

posted in Press releases

Available today in Apple AppStore and Google Play

Boston, MAAugust 1, 2012ownCloud Inc., the commercial entity behind the popular open source file sync and share project, today announced the availability of iOS and Android apps specifically designed for ownCloud.

With more than 500,000 users world-wide, ownCloud offers the ease-of-use of Dropbox, with more flexibility and security that can only be provided by software installed on site. ownCloud customers can host their own file sync and share services on their own hardware and storage, use popular public hosting and storage offerings, or both. ownCloud seamlessly integrates into an existing environment, leveraging security and rights-management tools, policies, and procedures, allowing IT managers to control corporate data, while giving end users the easy-to-use tool they crave.

The new mobile apps enable end users to securely log into an ownCloud instance, browse files and folders, and then download, open, update and upload files as needed. Photos and video can also be set to be uploaded automatically.

“These new apps give end users anytime, anywhere access to the files they need to get the job done,” said Matt Richards, vice president, Products, ownCloud. “In conjunction with the ownCloud server and desktop clients, users now have the ability to access the files they need wherever they are, on the device they have available. IT now has the control over the data they need to meet regulatory requirements, live up to corporate policies, and secure corporate information.”

Users can use these apps to access an existing ownCloud server, whether on their own server, on a corporate server, or in the cloud. ownCloud – built through an active open source community – has innovative features like file versioning – which actively saves files, allowing users to “rollback” to previous versions – and an API that gives developers an easy, stable and supported way to develop applications on top of ownCloud capabilities. ownCloud also enables the usage of existing file servers and home directories.

Availability and Pricing

The ownCloud mobile apps are available in Google Play, and the Apple App Store for 99 cents.

About the ownCloud Community

ownCloud began at a KDE community event in 2010, aiming to bring greater flexibility, access and security to data in the cloud. ownCloud enables universal access to files through the widely implemented WebDAV standard, providing a platform to easily view and sync contacts, calendars and bookmarks across devices while supporting sharing, viewing and editing via the web interface. Installation has minimal server requirements, doesn’t need special permissions and is quick. ownCloud is extendable via a simple, powerful API for applications. For more information, please visit: http://www.owncloud.org.

About ownCloud Inc.

Based on the popular ownCloud open source community project, ownCloud Inc. was founded in 2011 to bring greater flexibility, access and security to unstructured data in enterprises. Company headquarters are in Boston, with European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, visit: http://www.owncloud.com.

25 Comments on this post:

  1. Elton

    Just thought I would let you know that it appears to be $99 in the Google Play store, not 0.99c

  2. I am relatively new to my Android device, will purchasing the ownCloud app include updates via Google Play?

  3. Elton

    I’m in Aussie.
    Here is a partial screenshot

    • Holger

      Thanks! This is certainly a mistake. But it means you will have to wait till later today when our US folks are awake to fix it 🙁 Sorry for the wait.
      Update: This is fixed by now. It is now .99 in Google Play for Australia.

  4. Antonio

    Great! The app looks really nice! I have already bought it.
    My only question is: features like contact syncing and calendar syncing, are they going to be added at some point? pictures? music?
    Thanks! Antonio

    • Holger

      Thanks Antonio. We have to continue to investigate what makes sense. We get a lot of positive reports from people just using CalDAV and CardDav. Are you using iOS or Android?

  5. vlp

    Would it be possible to buy the apps without using the Google MarketPlace ?

  6. Andy

    I purchased the app for Android and installed ownclowd behind a port forward including ssl on port 443 on a dyn. dns domain. The app doesn’t seem to recognize there’s a secure connection. It uses port 80, which I also forwarded. If I don’t it doesn’t connect. Is there anything special I need to do?

  7. Antonio

    Hi Holger,
    Thanks for your reply. I was referring to the Android version. The app looks really nice, although (IMHO) features like contacts/calendar sync integrated with the new owncloud app would be a big improvement.

  8. Andrew

    Is there a roadmap available, which features will be implemented in the future of the owncloud app?
    Are there any plans to synchronize contacts and calendars over DAV protocol as well?
    You are doing a really great job, many thanks!!!

    • Holger

      Time for a FAQ soon 😉 We are right now concentrating on file sync and share. But we are getting a lot of feedback about calendar and contacts. We need to look how to fullfill this demand best, either good documentation how you can connect the native calendar and contact book or some automatism in the app. ie. Brining our own calendar does not sound desirable and for enterprises there are groupware/collaboration solutions which solve this perfectly, even in OSS.

  9. Csrbrito

    Hello, About android app, it will be possible by somehow, the ownCloud app sync automatic when wifi connection is on, and not do it when 3g is on? Thank you.

  10. Schickel

    A nice feature would be sync only over WiFi like it is on DropBox.
    Would it come soon?

  11. Just set OwnCloud up on my site. Works great, no problems. Using iPhone 4, latest software update, bought the app today, but it won’t let me login. I read some reviews in the app store, and it seems I’m not the only one with this same issue.
    Connection is established, username and password are correct, but the error message is this…”Error. Unexpected response from server”
    I can login fine from my PC, and also from iOS Safari. Is there a fix, or workaround I can do to get this fixed?

  12. Ben

    Warum kann man in der iOS-App bestehende Konten nicht bearbeiten (z.B. URL ändern) und muss immer eine neue anlegen? Recht nervig und der sofortige Verbindungscheck auch, weil er die ganz App blockiert.

  13. Raven

    Hi ! I am searching for the owncloud IOS API. If you know how to get the API , could you please let me know ? Thanks !

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