ownCloud and epiKshare Deliver Solution for Secure End-to-End Encryption

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 15. September 2017

Nuremberg, September 13, 2017 – ownCloud, the open platform for productivity and security in digital collaboration, and epiKshare, the specialist for system integration and data security, are providing a new, fully integrated solution for data encryption with ownCloud Enterprise E2EE. The plugin for the ownCloud Server enables encryption and decryption by generating a “key pair” consisting of private key and public key, which takes place directly from the sender and receiver in the web browser. It works for all file types and sizes. With ownCloud Enterprise E2EE, ownCloud and epiKshare want to meet the growing demand for more data protection and data security on the customer side. Encryption is also possible in the joint-offered Outlook plugin.

“With this innovative solution, ownCloud users can ensure that files remain confidential and are only stored in encrypted form on the ownCloud server. Nevertheless, it is possible to easily share by using public keys. This enables us to meet specific requirements from, for example, customers in the automotive industry or from public authorities,” says Holger Dyroff, Chief Operating Officer at ownCloud.

After installing the plugin on an ownCloud server, users can share a file within the ownCloud user interface, or send it directly via Outlook via e-mail. The  server being used does not need to be encrypted or modified. After registration has been completed, an individual key pair is created that consists of a public key on the ownCloud server and a private key on the user’s local computer (2048 bit RSA).


“The solution uses the new Guest User function of ownCloud X for external users,” emphasizes Frank Böttcher, Chief Operating Officer, epiKshare, BW-Tech. “This allows you to share files with users via the Web browser or Outlook through a particularly simple and quick login process.”

The file being sent is encrypted (256 bit AES) and stored on the server. The recipient will then receive a link to the corresponding file. After the call, the file and the AES key are automatically downloaded, which can then be decrypted with the private key.

Simple solution with the highest level of security

The new E2EE plugin for ownCloud increases the security standard of file sharing significantly. End-to-end encryption takes place where it should be located: directly from the sender and receiver. The additional security infrastructure (SSL, server encryption, firewalls) has no direct influence on the security level when sending files. Neither an administrator of the ownCloud Server, 

nor a third party has access to the files. Even if the server is stolen, the data is safe. E2EE technology in combination with an ownCloud server offers unlimited sharing of all file types and sizes. The plugin is the safest and easiest way to send encrypted files between two or more people.

The fact that only the person for which it is intended can receive a file also provides an additional benefit in terms of auditability. With the plugin, it is always possible to track how many people have access to an encrypted file for decryption. Because each file has a predefined number of key pairs, the sender knows at all times how many recipients have access to the file, which brings significant added value from a compliance perspective.

The ownCloud Plugin is now available as a subscription for 100 ownCloud users starting at 6000 EUR per year. A 30-day trial version is available directly in the ownCloud Marketplace. Learn more about the functionality and integration with the Outlook Plugin for ownCloud here.

ownCloud Enterprise E2EE will also be presented live at several events. Visit the ownCloud Conference (20 – 23 September, TH Nürnberg) or learn more at it-sa 2017 (10 – 12 October, Messe Nürnberg).

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