Four ways to partner up with ownCloud

ownCloud serves a growing base of more than 600 Enterprise customers in over 60 countries. ownCloud partners are an important success-factor and a key benefit for our customers.

Channel Partner

Channel partners build and maintain customer relationships, advise their clients well and integrate ownCloud when this is the right move for the customer. As trusted intermediary, Channel Partners strengthen and support the IT operations on-site so customers get the most value from their ownCloud.

There are four Channel Partner Levels:

  • Reseller
  • Solution Partner
  • Silver Partner
  • Gold Partner

Download all program details as PDF: ownCloud Channel Partner Program

For more information, please contact our Partner Team.

OEM Partner

OEM Partners integrate ownCloud into their products, providing their clients with readily integrated workflows that draw on ther particular expertise of the OEM Partner as well as the robust and secure file access plattform that is ownCloud.

Your company wants to provide ownCloud as part of an integrated product ecosystem? Please reach out to our Partner Team

Service Provider

Service providers manage ownCloud instances as a service for their clients. Focusing on small to medium businesses as well as small teams, they excel at enabling and supporting users.

Interested in enabling sovereign workspaces for small teams and SMBs with the performance to rival big-time setups? Please contact our Partner Team.

Technology Partner

Technology partners are our peers in open-source research and development. Together and by integrating resources, we solve hard problems that benefit loads of users down the road, e.g. with IBM, Fujitsu, Suse and Red Hat.

Interested pursuing in common technology goals with ownCloud? Please contact our Partner Team.