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Red Hat and ownCloud for Secure and Scalable File Access


With ownCloud and Red Hat Storage Server, you regain control of your sensitive data while easily scaling to meet growing demand and expanding storage requirements. Deployed globally as a single or multi-use instance, IT manages, configures and scales centrally—from PoC to full production. Together, ownCloud and Red Hat allow you to leverage existing infrastructure (LDAP/AD, SAML, Database, NFS, CIFS) while scaling with these benefits:

Secure and Control your data in your private cloud, using your software defined storage, with the complete application stack running on your servers, safely inside your data center, controlled by administrators you trust, managed to your policies

Integrate into existing infrastructure and security systems, managed to company policies, from user directories, governance, security, monitoring, storage and back-up, to intrusion detection, monitoring, and automated provisioning tools to name a few

Manage and Scale your solution as it replicates within and across your data centers for global access, redundancy, and failover, to ensure your data is where you do business, when you need it

With ownCloud and Red Hat, you can provide the easy file sync and share experience that end users have come to expect with access from any device. 

ownCloud partner success story Red Hat

ownCloud for Security, Integration and Management

Only ownCloud combines open source flexibility, openness and speed of innovation with on premise storage – putting file sync and share control back into the hands of IT:


  • Companies host ownCloud in their own data center (or wherever they choose), on their physical, virtual or private cloud server(s).
  • Administrators centrally control and manage ownCloud, enable apps, manage users and groups, monitor logs and system health, meter usage and quotas, and set file permissions–all in one location.
  • ownCloud integrates into existing tools and becomes a part of your existing infrastructure; ownCloud can even be branded to look and feel like an extension of existing tools.
  • ownCloud provisioning happens automatically – as users are added via internal or external authentication services, or via an external API call from existing automation tools.
  • Because ownCloud is open source and open by nature, plug-in apps exist (or may be built) to extend ownCloud out of the box, enabling LDAP/AD integration, file versioning, file sharing, external filesystem mounts and much more.
  • Content is stored in Red Hat Storage Server and accessed via ownCloud through a web browser, desktop syncing apps for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices.
ownCloud and partner Red Hat

ownCloud is more than just a basic app and third-party storage. ownCloud puts IT back in control with on-site, out of the box integration into existing environments, the flexibility to expand to meet unique requirements, and ease-of-use that end users demand.

Universal File Access with Red Hat Scale-Out Storage

Universal File Access with Scale-Out Storage

With ownCloud and Red hat Storage Server you regain control of your sensitive data while easily increasing productivity. Get the whitepaper right to your inbox:

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