ownCloud for Service Providers

ownCloud is an open source file sharing solution that is as easy to use as Dropbox, but gives IT complete control over sensitive corporate data. The Enterprise Edition of ownCloud can be rebranded and redistributed to be a part of your enterprise offering.

Become a service provider

Embedding ownCloud

You can brand an ownCloud instance with your logos, color schemes, URLs and fonts, so that it looks and feels as if it is an integrated part of your offerings. Make the ownCloud data proxy a service that your customers and partners can access with confidence, knowing it is in your control, managed to their requirements.

The license of the Enterprise Edition of ownCloud allows you to redistribute ownCloud in your solution. The license for the Enterprise Edition under subscription allows for users to make code changes without having to submit them back to the community.

ownCloud holds the copyright on the ownCloud Server and enabling ownCloud to license the code to customers under commercial terms. This, combined with the support, tools and influence that come with an ownCloud subscription, provide the peace of mind that you need to implement a secure file sync and share solution for your enterprise customers, in their data center, on their servers, managed by them.

I need a service that will raise awareness and differentiate me with my customers, while building my margin.

The ownCloud Service Provider Program

A Service Provider (SP) is a partner of ownCloud who is interested in providing, selling and actively promoting ownCloud based solutions to users in a self-service fashion. SPs typically run one or more ownCloud instances and use those to serve end users, groups of end users, or groups of employees of certain companies. The offering is typically self-serviced, not individualized or dedicated for one enterprise entity.

For hosting ownCloud in one instance for one specific customer or one specific group of customers, please refer to the ownCloud Enterprise price list. Hosted instances of ownCloud for one customer with more then 40 users should be purchased using the Solution Partner program leveraging ownCloud Enterprise Edition.

You may “white label“ ownCloud with your brand while extensively using ownCloud technologies. You can easily brand the WebUI yourself (or work with another ownCloud partner to do it for you). We do offer Branding Consulting for the ownCloud Desktop Clients (Windows, Mac, Linux), as well as the ownCloud Mobile Apps (Android and iOS).

ownCloud Service Provider Edition

The ownCloud Service Provider Edition allows the benefits offered through ownCloud subscription including the ability for you to white label and brand desktop making it available for resale! It also provides unlimited support.

  • Fee per year
  • 5×12 support for Service Providers
  • Unlimited support incidents
  • Branded ownCloud Desktop Clients and ownCloud Mobile Apps
  • Small fee per month for every user who does purchase a premium service at the service provider or already has a paid for service


Branding is part of the ownCloud Service Provider Edition. We release updates for the Android and iOS Apps every 3-4 weeks. The Desktop clients are released every 2-3 months.

You automatically receive Desktop clients and Mobile Apps that are branded/white labeled with your company logo and color scheme. This option covers all Desktop clients and Mobile Apps that are released over the next 12 months. This means you always have the newest versions which can be made immediately available to your customers.

Free User is every user in the ownCloud Database who does not pay directly or indirectly the Service Provider for any services. Versions including unlimited premium users are available upon request, please submit inquiry to https://owncloud.com/lp/service-provider/.

All Service Providers in this program are allowed to display the ownCloud Logo as well as the ownCloud Service Provider Logo to promote ownCloud-based solutions.

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