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ownCloud and VNClagoon have teamed up to bring to you a proven and trusted unified suite of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions that completely revolutionizes the way you conduct your digital conversations and collaboration in a modern workplace.

Whether you are working on-premises, remotely or in a hybrid setting, integrating VNC with your ownCloud ensures that you are able to transcend all boundaries and carry out seamless collaboration and workflow with your team – through chat, video conferencing, knowledge base, project management and more.

At all points of time, your data is secured with a high-level end-to-end encryption system.

The best part: Your data always stays where you want it to be – right there in your ownCoud!


All relevant email features as Web App, Desktop Client, or in the palm of your hands on Android and iOS.


All basic functionalities of a contacts and address management application for private and business purposes. Enrich your contacts with images, websites, birthdays, and postal addresses.


Manage all your meetings and appointments easily and efficiently in a single platform with this state-of-the-art calendar. 


Unique enterprise real-time communication including chat, video and audio conferencing.


The perfect tool for managing complex projects. The browser-based, open and fully customizable solution enables project management, scheduling, team management, progress monitoring, cost control and more. 


Your general knowledge base to store data,  search and retrieve information, build community, generate knowledge, share ideas and more for seamless collaboration with your team. 

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