ownCloud Desktop Clients

The ownCloud Desktop Client enables you to keep existing workflows, seamlessly syncing the files from your desktop to your ownCloud server. You can create folders in your home directory and keep the contents of those folders synced with your ownCloud server.

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The goal of ownCloud is to give you access to your files wherever you are. While the web interface brings considerable flexibility and portability, you often work with documents and pictures directly on your desktop. The desktop clients allow you to keep your existing work flow, making sharing and collaboration a breeze.

Simply copy a file into the directory and the ownCloud desktop client does the rest. Make a change to the files on one computer and it will flow across the others using these desktop sync clients. Always have your latest files with you wherever you are.

The ownCloud Desktop Client for Windows, MacOS and Linux

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Key Features

  • Connect to one or more ownCloud servers (HTTP or HTTPS) for viewing in a single UI
  • Browse files and folders in the native Finder or Explorer and share by name or link with a right-click
  • Automatically sync your latest files and folders across PCs & with other users and groups
  • Selectively sync additional folders from anywhere on your PC
  • Control default sync behavior for new files and folders, setting max file size for sync
  • Use the new activity tab to track server-side activities
  • Pause and resume uploads and downloads automatically
  • Configure proxies and throttle bandwidth for your use case
  • Admins can push notifications out to users through the desktop client
  • Enterprise Subscription holders- brand and pre-configure options
  • The Windows Installer (MSI) for the ownCloud Windows Client provides system administrators with a convenient and automatable way of installing the client on a large number of desktop computers in their corporate network.
  • Download now for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

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