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The Desktop App enables users to access and share files and folders stored in ownCloud as if they were stored on their computer – because they are. Continuous synchronization to and from the server provides ease of use combined with comprehensive access control.

The built-in Virtual File System improves usability and reduces local storage requirements. If enabled, it syncs a virtual file instead of the full file, downloading the real thing only on demand, for example to open a document in an application. Users can share virtual files in their file manager even if they are not stored locally. Learn more about the ownCloud Virtual File System.

The Desktop App integrates nicely into the native file managers in Windows, macOS and Linux. Files can be opened seamlessly in local software and swiftly shared using the ownCloud context menu, whether working in Explorer, Finder, Nautilus or Dolphin. It features copying a public link to the clipboard, copying a private link to the clipboard, opening the share dialog for more specific needs, opening in the browser or showing the version history in the browser.

Screenshot shows owncloud natively in file manager through Desktop App

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