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Custom Groups

Let users create their own custom groups to quickly and easily share data with multiple people at once. It makes teamwork more efficient and also lightens admin workload.

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The ownCloud Custom Groups feature empowers users to define their own sharing groups in ownCloud without admin assistance. With the help of this application, users can create a group of users that they repeatedly share files with, for example, a team, a department or a group of contractors.

How Custom Groups work

The Custom Groups feature allows users to create and manage their own groups within a workplace. Members can be designated group admins to allow them to add or remove users. A group can also be hidden from a specified group of users. Moreover, administration of those groups by admins can even be disabled so that users can safely use the feature without having to trust administrators.

ownCloud users can create and manage Custom Groups with only a few clicks. The groups are visible only to members of the group and ownCloud administrators can see and modify all groups of an ownCloud.

Additionally, this application offers permission management capabilities to enable collaborative management of groups. A member of a group can be classified either as a ‘Member’ or a ‘Group admin’.

Members can share files with the group, view the members list and leave the group. Group admins, in addition to the above, also enjoy the privilege to add and remove members, rename or delete the group and set permissions for other members of the group.

To keep in mind:

  1. Custom groups are visible only to members of the group, but not to anyone outside the group; and
  2. ownCloud administrators can see and modify all custom groups of an instance.

Advantages of using Custom Groups

When working in larger organizations, the number of users in a collaboration platform like ownCloud quickly reaches a point where the segmentation of users becomes very relevant.

In a regular workplace, creating groups is usually a job for administrators, but this approach can lead to bottlenecks and delays. By making it easy for users themselves to create groups and share files, organizations gain efficiency, increase productivity, meet organizational goals faster and significantly reduce administrative workload.

ownCloud Custom Groups

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