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How to get started, Part 4: Mobile Apps

This is the fourth post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You'll learn how to use ownCloud's Mobile App to access your data on the go.

By Dirk Stascheit

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About this guide:

This is the fourth post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You’ll learn how to use ownCloud’s Mobile App to access your data on the go.

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Enter the URL for your ownCloud

To be able to access your files on the go, you can install one of our mobile apps. There is one for phones and tablets running Android and one for iPhones and iPads. After installing, let‘s make sure your mobile device and your ownCloud get to know each other. Start the app and click on „Add account“ and enter your organizations’ ownCloud URL. Then, login with your username and password. After that, your account is ready to use.

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Download files for offline use

Next, you’ll see a list of your accounts, well, the one account so far. Click on it to see the folders shared with your account. Miss anything? Call your admin. If there are files you often use while on the go, you might want to make these files available offline on this device. For that, click on the three-dot menu icon to the right of the relevant file or folder and select “Make available offline”. In the same menu, you can share the file or open it in apps on your device.

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Add an extra layer of security

For added security, you can click on “Settings” in the accounts view and activate the Passcode lock. There, you can also choose to unlock the app with your fingerprint, if your device supports this.

Dirk Stascheit

April 16, 2020

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