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ownCloud Sprint Review: Android 4.0, Notifications and Configurable Roles

The Sprint Review from 10th March 2023 delivered several enhancements and developments. The version 4.0 beta of our Android client is now available, with many useful new features, including Spaces for ownCloud Infinite Scale users. Plus, it is now possible to receive notifications in its web client, and there is now the provision to apply configurable roles with separate permissions.

On Monday, March 13, the ownCloud Android developers presented the first Beta of the Android client version 4.0, which comes equipped with remarkable features, including the first implementation of webfinger. This protocol helps to find the right ownCloud server during setup. If you’re using Infinite Scale on the server, the Spaces features is also available in your Android client now on, and all basic operations are supported.

The developers also improved the integration of “Open With” and “Send” operations for Spaces in Android. You can now open a file, for example, with your favorite editor (e.g. Collabora) and it will be uploaded automatically after each save – and these uploads work seamlessly across various Spaces.

The mobile app is now also able to show accepted shares, and the integration as document provider and local storage has been improved. ownCloud accounts now show up as optional targets on all file operations on Android devices.

Sprint Review

Spaces now work on mobile devices

At the same time, ownCloud Desktop 3.2.1 has been released, adding the option of setting quotas for Spaces, among other enhancements. The developers fixed the system tray icon, which is now correctly displaying setups with multiple Spaces. Apart from that, a new “Open in Web” option is now available.

Infinite Scale: Notifications, custom roles and permissions

The web UI of Infinite Scale now displays notifications about practically anything that changes in a user’s files – a red bubble pops up to announce changes. Not only but especially regarding user and group management, the developers improved the handling of batch actions (add/remove to and from groups or add quota) and added the feature to disable or enable users. Passwords can now be enforced on public links by policy.

sprint review

The web UI of Infinite Scale now displays notifications.

But the most fascinating and flexible new feature in Infinite Scale is actually the configurable custom roles. It is now possible to assign users to completely new roles with individual permissions and quotas. This much requested feature helps in many ways, for example, in schools, where the role “teacher” could be added to the system, giving the user assigned a higher quota and the permission to create Spaces.

Markus Feilner

March 20, 2023

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