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ownCloud’s open architecture and APIs allow IT to easily add corporate branding, and extend core functionality as needed to meet the company’s evolving needs. From enterprise directories to SAML, SharePoint or Windows network drives, ownCloud allows you to leave data where it lives while exposing secure access to users on any device.

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Consumer cloud-based file sharing services store sensitive company data on external servers outside of IT’s control, in violation of corporate policies and regulatory requirements and not managed by IT.

Introducing the ownCloud Architecture

ownCloud allows IT to manage, control and audit file sharing activity of sensitive data which gives users universal file access to all of their data.

  • Manage and Protect data on-premises – using any available storage, with the complete software stack running on servers safely inside the data center, controlled by trusted administrators, managed to established policies.
  • Integrate with existing IT systems and policies – such as authentication systems, user directories, governance workflows, intrusion detection, monitoring, logging and storage management.
  • Provide Access through a comprehensive set of APIs and mobile libraries to customize system capabilities, meet unique service requirements, and accommodate changing user needs.

The core of the ownCloud solution is the ownCloud server. The server provides a secure web interface through which administrators control and manage the ownCloud deployment, enabling IT to configure access from file storage to user provisioning and application integrations. Advanced features for enterprise directory integration and file “firewalls” give admins exceptional flexibility and control. The server also manages and secures API access to ownCloud, while providing the internal processing engine needed to deliver high performance file sharing services. And, ownCloud monitors and logs all data access events for downstream auditing and analysis using popular SIEM solutions like Splunk®.

The ownCloud server stores user files in standard file system formats and can use most enterprise file systems. If you can mount the file system on your server, ownCloud can use it – ownCloud is file system and storage agnostic. Whether physically located in your data center or virtually mounted third-party storage, ownCloud lets you protect your files as you would any other data asset in your infrastructure. ownCloud works seamlessly with all of your existing tools and utilities, from standard backups and intrusion detection, to log managers and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions. Administrators can also activate the included encryption module to provide an added layer of encryption at rest for user files.

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For a more detailed and technical description of server architecture, deployment scenarios or infrastructure integration, please read the ownCloud Architecture Overview whitepaper or contact us to speak with one of our technical advisors.

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