Infinite Scale Platform
Beta Program

Infinite Scale, the revolutionary cloud-native Data Platform developed by ownCloud, has reached beta in May 2022. After over two years of development with a clear focus on performance, stability and ease of use, the Infinite Scale beta status is a great moment for ownCloud and our community.

Infinite Scale – The Beta Program

Please note that all beta versions are released before a product is to be used in production and are for testing purposes only. It is not recommended to use them in production or with data that is important by any means.

ownCloud is not supporting any pre-releases, other than the stable releases of ownCloud.

Apart from that, and in comparison to the Tech Preview releases that were launched so far, this is what can be expected from the beta versions:

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Feature Freeze

All features planned for general availability later this year are available in the beta version. Get familiar with Infinite Scales features and the technology behind it right from the start.

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Data Stability

The beta version guarantees that there will be no changes that require a complete re-setup or un-guided manual interaction with data stored on the filesystem for the administrators of the system. Infinite Scale beta will come with a guided and at least semi-automatic migration of data if changes require that.

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Regular Beta Releases

As we are moving fast in the beta phase, a rapid release cycle of two weeks will be established for the beta period. Subscribe to the mailinglist to get informed whenever we release a new beta and make sure you get all the bug-fixes and improvements right away.

How to start testing

Download and start

Getting started with Infinite Scale is pretty straightforward. It only takes a few simple commands and a couple of minutes to get everything up and running. We have gathered the most important resources here:

Get a test instance

ownCloud provides test instances of the current Infinite Scale beta for interested open source enthusiasts, bloggers, journalists and nerds free of charge during the beta phase of Infinite Scale. These are “real” installations and include full admin power, e.g. creating users, quota, etc.

If you want to show the Infinite Scale Platform to others like your IT manager, community guys or your family and need to prepare that a bit with individual users etc. to get more familiar with the technology, this is for you. Just reach out to our team!

Request your 14 days free trial instance

Contact our team and we will be glad to provide access to a test instance free of charge for 14 days.

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Infinite Scale’s FAQs

Here are a few questions that pop up from our community every now and than.
Feel free to browse through!

Is Infinite Scale independent from ownCloud 10?

Yes. Infinite Scale is written in Go and Vue.js, while ownCloud 10 relies on PHP. They are two different products and meet different needs and use-cases.

What is the difference between Infinite Scale and ownCloud 10?

While ownCloud 10 is our solution for secure file sync & share as well as for secure content collaboration, Infinite Scale is by design a cloud-native data platform for all sorts of data, serving many different use-cases such as content management & compliance, data and file layers for applications or embedded data management systems for smart infrastructure, industrial IoT (IIoT) and others.

Technically, Infinte Scale is a cloud-native, database-less platform based on microservices while ownCloud 10 relies on a LAMP stack.

Can I migrate from ownCloud 10 to Infinite Scale?

Depending on your use-case, migrating to Infinite Scale may be useful and we will be happy to support you. In the first place, providing our brand-new Infinite Scale Web UI to your ownCoud 10 users could be a great option. Let’s get in touch to figure out what options are best for you.

How can I deploy Infinite Scale?

Infinite Scale runs on almost all sorts of infrastructure – from a classic 3-Tier model to docker, kubernetes or even a Raspberry Pi. Please find our latest recommendations here: Infinite Scale Quick Guide

Is Infinite Scale Open-Source?

Infinite Scale’s core will be published as 100% Open-Source with general availability later this year. The existing code of the Beta Version is already available 100% Open-Source. Service subscriptions with Professional Support, Migration Consulting & Services as well as training and Managed Services will be available with general availability. 

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Loving technology?

Be part of our community and contribute to ownCloud. Whatever your skillset, there are lots of ways how you can contribute:

Feedback & Communication

A transparent, open and community driven beta program is all about communication and your feedback! We have established three major channels you would want to follow to stay tuned at all times and share your feedback as easy as possible with our developers and the community.

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Connect as many storage backends as you like. Each is treated as a first class citizen in the world of Infinite Scale.

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Our community forum is the place to discuss your technical and general questions about Infinite Scale as well as the betas in particular.


For reporting bugs and also to learn what we currently work on, please use the GitHub issue tracker. Please note that the issue tracker is one of the most important tools for all developers. To keep up efficiency, please be so kind to read this introduction about contributing.